Kellogg’s Cereal 30 Individual Box Variety Pack 32.73 Total Ounces – Value Box

3 – Mini Wheats 3 – Rice Krispies 4 – Raisin Bran 4 – Apple Jacks 4 – Froot Loops 3 – Corn Flakes Original 3 – Corn Pops 6 – Frosted Flakes

Quick facts

  • Kelloggs, Variety Cereal Pack
  • 3 – Mini Wheats 3 – Rice Krispies 4 – Raisin Bran 4 – Apple Jacks 4 – Froot Loops 3 – Corn Flakes Original 3 – Corn Pops 6 – Frosted Flakes

Top reviews

Bunch of bull

Product is just as advertised, what more can I say, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven eight, nine , ten, you’re it.
GaleRoanoke, IL

ripped off!!!!

I bought this mainly for the raisen bran and dang if it didnt out right lie about it. There is not one box of raisen bran in it! As far as im concernd thats false advertising and it makes me very mad! It got here fast and thats the only reason i even gave it one star! We should be able to trust what we are ordering.
ArdathAllentown, PA

Not for me.

Even after told I could return this cereal if I wasn’t happy with it, I’m still a little mad at what happened.

I did not get the cereal that was shown on the box in the picture. The cereals that I got were for children and I have none of those at home. They shouldn’t be posting pictures that are not what you get.

I decided to keep the box since the postage to return it was more than the box itself.

I guess if you ship it to someone you’ll never hear a complaint. I had planned on eating these for breakfast, so now I snack on them sometimes.

SharleneSolsberry, IN

Kellogg’s variety pack

Yes you can buy something similar at the grocery store. It was nice to buy through Amazon and have it shipped out of state. It arrived at my destination in Arizona undamaged and everyone loved that there was something in the box for all. None of the cereal was stale, which was a great concern of mine.
WilburnReddick, IL

Can’t go wrong with Kellogg’s cereal

I love almost all Kellogg’s-brand cereal and I was quite happy to see this selection offered in Amazon. 30 boxes of my favorite cereals? Major smiles from me!
DanaeFreeport, MN

Fatty Foods & Over the TOP Sugar

I got the right amount of cereal for the money. However, the Mini Wheats, which is the only high fiber / healthy choice, has 3 boxes out of the total 30. Each packet has about half of the baggie however all the others that are high in sugar are full to the core.

I was very disappointed with this purchase. Will NEVER purchase again. For those that like high sugary cereals and aren’t looking for fiber this is the perfect choice for you.

KallieCecil, OH

Great shipping

I sent Kellogg’s Cerael out to our troop’s. The individual box’s of Kellogg’s cereal with stood the the travel over sea in great shape. Haveing Kellogg’s in the morning is just a little way to say thank you for all that you do. The individual box’s was the best way to go, that way everyone could have the kind they liked.
Thank you Kellogg’s
NicholasMalvern, IA

kellogg’s cereal

The Kellogg’s cereal 30 individual box variety pack arrived on time with no damage and most cereal boxes had a shelf life of approximately 6 months.
PuraSublime, TX