Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts Printed Fun – Gingerbread

Printed fun gingerbread pop tarts are one of the printed fun pop tarts varieties. They come in 12 ct and 16 ct sizes. The christmas season is the only time these can be found, for they are a limited edition. The pastries feature christmas images.

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Delicious & Adorable

This flavor is true to its name. They have a good gingerbread taste that is neither too strong nor sweet. The outside has more of a graham-crack consistency than the usual crispy Pop-Tart, but it’s actually a nice change. They have a creamy, subtly spicy, white center that compliments the outside. The “printed fun” images are precious and most definitely fun. Whereas the others, like “Sugar Cookies,” have different animals and such doing various activities from penguins and igloos to cardinals and bears, these seem to have strictly a gingerbread-man theme with gingerbread men, women, children and families snow-sledding and enjoying other wintery games. Our only complaint was that the box top was unglued. Each pack within seemed fine. None were noticeably open or ripped, but hopefully nothing malicious had occurred before arriving in our home. Each packet seemed to have air in it, which indicated to us, we think and hope, that no holes had been poked into any of them. Other than that, we’re very pleased. A bonus is that each packet has a gift tag printed on it in red, with a “To” and a “From,” so you can gift them, maybe even as stocking stuffers. These are seasonal, but why wait to enjoy these flavors for only one season a year? Thankfully, Amazon pulls through yet again and makes these yummies available yearround.
AlaineDillonvale, OH

Great poptarts

I discovered these poptarts quite by accident. And since my family really loves all things pumpkin and ginderbread, I ordered them.
My husband and daughter are big fans of poptarts so when I saw these unusal flavors I just had to try them.
Have never seen them in my area but I will be looking for them again come October at Amazon of course.
EtheleneDelta City, MS

gingerbread poptarts

really liked the flavor of these. Hope they are more available next year in the stores I will be buying these again in the future.
EstherLinden, WI