Kendon Candies 9 Unicorn Pop Multi Color Lollipop, 1-Ounce Units

1oz colorful twirl pops – Fun flavors twisted into a delicious sucker! with a total length of 9 inches Made in the USA.

Quick facts

  • Made in the USA
  • 9″ colorful 10z twirl pops
  • 72 count case

Top reviews

Great price but…

These lollipop’s are definitely are a good value. For the amount in the package and the price, they are great party favors. Just a heads up on the description; 9″ include the lollipop and stick, they actual lollipop is about 4-5″. I also expected them to be a little thicker. But all in all they are still great for what I need them for and I’m sure the kids will enjoy them.
WenReserve, NM

Perfect Lollies!

I received many different flavors and lollie styles from Kendon Candies and there was not one disappointed student in any of the classes they were delivered to. The older students favorites were the mystery flavored and the younger ones loved the twists. It was a carnival atmosphere when they were delivered and the anticipation was overwhelming because they were coming from the oldest candy factory in the USA! They were not disappointed, neither was I.
Thank-you Kate!
IsidroPittsburg, KY