Kennys Licorice Twists, Green Apple, 1 Pound

Green apple licorice candy twists are chewy with an great apple flavor. Green apple licorice 1 pound bag. Approximately 40 pieces per pound. 7 inch twists. Kenny’s made in the USA.

Quick facts

  • Green apple licorice 1 pound bag
  • Approximately 40 pieces per pound
  • 7 inch twists
  • Kenny’s made in the USA

Top reviews

Kenny’s Green Apple Licorice Twists: Tasty and Fresh

I will have to say this for ‘Kenny’, who ever s/he is, this
product is fresh, fresh, fresh. If you have ever been turned
off by eating some of the big-company-licorice due to its hard
demeanor, please say hello to Kenny’s Licorice.

The shipping was prompt and the licorice tasty, sweet and, oh, did
I say FRESH?

A special treat for that someone special, which could be you, you know…

Have at it.

EduardoUledi, PA

Green Apple

I love these!!! Totally green apple.

It’s cheaper buying them in a pound than it was buying the small packs at WaWa.

I absolutely love the flavor and got hooked on these when I was living in Oregon.

AndreNelson, WI