Kettle Brand Organic Potato Chips, Salt & Fresh Ground Black Pepper, 5-Ounce Bags

Our good-for-the-earth organic potatoes deserve dazzling spice. Impeccably poised, our salt and black pepper seasoning will restore your flavor equilibrium – a little light with your dark, a little sweet for your sharp. Enjoy this perfect balance of spice.

Quick facts

  • 15- 5 Ounce Bags of Kettle Brand Organic Sea Salt & Black Pepper Potato Chips
  • Made with Natural Ingredients; Non-GMO Ingredients
  • No trans fat or preservatives; Kosher Parve
  • BPA Free
  • Product of U.S.A.

Top reviews

The “Organic” Label is Misleading

“Yeast Extract” is listed as an ingredient. Sounds harmless, right? Specifically, these chips contain autolyzed yeast extract, which is, on a chemical level, monosodium glutamate. It’s just derived from a different source, but it has all the same toxic properties. Kettle still advertises their products as containing “No MSG” while they acknowledge that their chips are not safe for people with MSG sensitivities.
KareyNicolaus, CA

Not, my favorite chip

I did not like these potatoe chips. It’s hot, and sweet, with an overwhelming taste of garlic. It’s also a bit salty.
PaigeSanta Isabel, PR

Very Tasty – BUT BEWARE

Long story short – these are very tasty. We have purchased a number of flavors from this brand, this is my favorite.

BUT… as noted by another reviewer – these contain MSG in the form of “Yeast Extract”.

It has become a popular means of hiding MSG lately by calling it different things, as a person who now finds himself having to use more caution in what I consume I find the whole process of hiding in plain site very bothersome.

Also, the bag is not very large, but half of it is air. This may well help in shipping, but when paying a premium price for ‘organic’ it just seems more deceptive.

LeonilaJefferson, ME

Very Timely Delivery

They did a very good job with shipping the order quickly….Nothing like Ace Hardware who took a week to ship
OuidaBrooten, MN

Who needs salsa when chips taste this good?

These are the best tasting tortilla chips I have ever had! I have become allergic to tomatoes, but I love tortilla chips. There is so much flavor in these chips that I no longer miss pico de gallo. I prefer to eat them plain. They also have just the right amount of heat to make them flovorful, but not overpoweringly spicy.
RaguelRose, OK

My favorite chips from Kettle!!

Just the right amount of spice to make them hot and they are also sweet! Very hard to find in New Jersey. Can not have just one bag around!!
ColleneCenterbrook, CT

Amazing Taste, Best Chip Ever!

I can’t believe how wonderful this chip is! The slightly spicy after taste gives the chip extra punch and flavor. My family and I are offically addicted.
TashinaMichael, IL

So Faboo: Dangerous for those prone to Chips Binges!!!

I ordered these this week from my organic foods delivery service. OH MY WORD! Spicy (but not burning spicy, more like tongue-warming), sweetish, salty…a really strongly-flavored and delicious chip. If you like barbecue flavor, this is a nice sweet-Mexi-fied barecue.

I also like that it’s organic.

I ate the 5 oz bag in less than 15 minutes. My bad. But dang, if they’re not sinfully delicious.

Granted, 5oz is not a whole lot (it was skimpy for the price, which is often the case when it comes to organic), but it was 750 calories at a pop. Geesh.

Yes, 150 cals per 1 oz serving. That’s about par for the course for fried chips.

Verdict: Fattening, crispy, flavorful, delicious. Best to stick to very small servings on the side of a low-fat sandwich or soup.



JeneDe Soto, MO

The spice will grow!

At first you think that these chips aren’t all that Spicy, but the spice will grow on you with each bite. They are really very good!
ThomasenaSwiftown, MS

The best tortilla chips I have ever eaten!!

I can’t say enough good things about Plocky’s chips!! I have purchased this flavor and the black bean flavor Plocky’s Tortilla Chips, Black Beans ‘N Rice, 7-Ounce Bags (Pack of 12) and I love them! They taste better than more well known brands and are very satisfying. I have never eaten a tortilla chip that didn’t make me feel guilty afterwards. Not with Plocky’s…I always eat less and feel satisfied. I actually prefer these eaten by dips…and I keep a bag in my desk at work. I have even had them for lunch when there is no time to grab something. I bring them to work to share with friends and they love them too. I am a fan of Plocky’s chips and will continue to purchase them on Amazon.
ElidaWesson, MS

Such an excellent chip

My aunt gave me a bag of these and I was immediately addicted. There are actual pieces of beans in the chips and they are not overly salty like other chips. I love the zip, agreed they are awesome without salsa, and no trans fat!
DoreathaMorrisdale, PA


I guess there’s no telling what will tickle the palate. I’m a huge Tabasco fan, and I love unconventional snacks. But these don’t taste to me even remotely like the wonderful sauce they’re made from; I didn’t find them to have much of a kick at all. Practically bland, in fact. Even with my strong aversion to wasting food, I had to throw out or give away most of the case. Do yourself a favor and find a bag of these locally before taking a chance on 12.
MarquettaPine River, WI

Kind of Bland

These were not flavorful enough for my taste. It seems that all the seasoning falls off the chips and sinks to the bottom of the bag. Too bad, because I really liked the idea of a healthier potato chip. I would not buy these again.
AyanaWilliamsburg, KY

Delicious chips

Plocky’s chips are made of several whole grains and have a touch of sweetness. They are a little lower in fat and sodium than regular tortilla chips. The flavor out performs any tortilla chip I have ever eaten. They hold up great to salsas and dips. Nothing wimpy about them. I just wish the company made a bigger bag! Love them. Usually found in the organic foods section of the grocery, but seem to be difficult to obtain as the shelf is always empty. Order by the case. You’ll be glad you did as they disappear fast.
LionelHope, MI

Broken chips but tasty

I love these chips and ordered them after I had some in Florida. My case of chips came without any packing inside. All bags in a box with no cushioning at all. Needless to say most of the chips were broken and I would not order them again. A great item but if they can’t package to aid in minimal chip breakage then one is wasting their money.
CamilaArecibo, PR

The best chips ever!!!

I received this chips in a gift basket and absolutely loved them. I searched high and low, but was unable to find them until I saw them here. I immediately ordered a case. These chips are light, crispy, flavorful, and good for you. I love them with dip, in chili, or just plain. Once you try them, you’ll be hooked!
AustinPrimghar, IA

Excellent Tortilla chips

These chips are truly amazing. They have it all. They’re light, crisp, great tasting, nice texture, AND they’re all natural… AND low in fat and sodium! Need I say more? I recently bought a bag of them at a regular grocery store, and couldn’t belive my taste buds. That’s why I excited why I saw them here on Amazon, and decided to buy a case!
JeaneneAry, KY

Black Beans Never Tasted So Good!!!

These are the most fantastic chips I’ve ever had! I could eat the whole bag myself! They’re made with lots of whole grain and beans, and make a complete protein, so I have no qualms about feeding them to my kids as snacks. They are great! The only problem I have with them: The bag is too small!!! We need a bigger bag!! 🙂
BrentHallam, NE

That’s a spicy!

If you’ve tried the conventional Kettle crinkle chip verson Salt and Peper, you CAN’T compare these to those! These are easily some of the most spicy chips you will ever eat, but oompletely enjoyable. You finish the bag and the indside is just coated with spices. Great stuff.
LilliSomerset, IN


These potato chips are DELICIOUS! I have not had potato chips in approximately two years as it has been difficult to find organic chips. Amazon lowered the price on these, and I finally had a chance to order them. I most definitely will be ordering them again! My family and I love them. They are pure and void of all artificial flavorings. The true flavor is present, and it satisifies the need for something salty, sweet, spicy, and crunchy. A++++
ArdenMountain City, GA

Organic yummy chips what more can you ask for

These chips are a great snack if you don’t want all the junk assiciated with chips. Try them you’ll like them.
FelisaTurtle Creek, WV

Very different flavor

I love these chips. The flavor is not plain. They are sweet and spicy all at the same time. The only drawback is it has a tad bit too much salt. But, it still a great flavor!
BridgetteAustinville, IA

These are the best widely available bbq chips!

thesedon’t like hot food they might be a bit much for you. They have a great balance of sweetness and spice. Of course, Kettle Chips are just good chips – they use good oil to make them and even the plain ones are tasty. I also like that they are ridged chips – those are usually too crunchy and hard to chew for me – I don’t want to have to work that hard for my deliciousness. If you like spicy barbecue you will definitely like these chips.
SeanGauley Bridge, WV


These chips are perfect for snacking with or without salsa. The texture is brittle and thin, like other Plocky’s chips.

The only downside: the spice is minimal.

MieshaGloucester Point, VA

Plocky’s Sweet Smokey Chipotle Whole Grain Tortill…

I think Plocky’s brand as a whole is a cut above in quality but I found these to lack in taste somewhat and be a little greasy.
InaBurleson, TX

Yummy chips

These are the best chips I have ever eaten. Everyone in our family loves them. Sweet but spicy- crispy….really good. Delivery was perfect, no crushed chips. Fantastic overall.
EileenAdrian, IL


A nice case of chips that are quite tasty. I definitely enjoy the Kettle Sea Salt and Black Pepper. I just wish they were bigger bags 🙂
KaySomers, IA

WRONG FLAVOR – got Country BBQ instead of Chili Chipotle

I was so excited thinking they had my favorite discontinued Kettle flavor, but was disappointed when I opened the box and found this substitution. I am keeping them but would not have ordered 15 bags of this flavor. It is a very good bbq chip but I could get this flavor at the grocery store. Why oh why do my favorite food items always get discontinued??? The one star is for the substitution. The country bbq is a 4 start chip, but not the chip I longed for.
ChangSpringport, MI


We love these chips. They can be eaten alone, since they are so crisp and tasty or with a dip. Every one that we have introduced the chips to, loves them. And the expiration date is for 8 months from now, so ordering 12 bags didn’t come near to them going stale.
EmanuelPrinceton, IA

Plocky’s Rice and Beans Tortilla Chips

I bought these chips, and wanted to try if they were tasty. It sure is! Unique and different flavor and the right thickness.

It remains crunchy, spicy and flavorful with a hint of tabasco and paprika sauce for heat. There are some rice granules embedded with the tortilla chips. However, some of the spices are lacking from this chip. But I liked this very much.

I would recommend this to anyone who wants to try a red beans and rice tortilla chips. Go ahead– you can put other ingredients as nachos except the cheese. Maybe some el pastor, shredded meat, tomatoes, etcetera.

ElvinDungannon, VA