Keurig K-Cup Storage Dispenser

The K-Cup Storage Dispenser holds a total of 48 packs ( 24 in each dispenser) at your fingertips, Perfect for use in a kitchen cabinet, counter top or pantry, its a convenient way to showcase and store your K-Cup beverages. Shop our entire selection of Keurig K-Cup varieties to stock in these handy storage dispensers.

Quick facts

  • Enter your model number above to make sure this fits.
  • Includes two dispensers
  • Each dispenser holds 24 k-cup packs
  • K-cups not included
  • 9.25″ tall x 11.50″ deep X 3″ wide
  • Terrific storage solution.

Top reviews

Excellent Accessory for $20 to $25

This is one of the best accessories I’ve bought for my Keurig. I have four at home and two at work. The product is excellent, but the price is way too expensive from vendors selling them for more than $20 – $25. I got mine for $20 plus tax at my local Bed, Bath, and Beyond after using a 20% Off Coupon. This makes them worth about $10 a piece since they are sold in pairs.

I love taking a K-Cup box home and dumping them in these containers. I prefer this method rather than individually presenting K-Cups in other storage containers. They are easy to grab from the opening at the bottom.

Size & Looks
They are pretty big. Make sure you measure your cabinet space before purchasing. They won’t fit in a lot of standard cabinets. They are attractive after getting a few brands on display. I like being able to use one of the K-Cups as a display model.

SergioMargaretville, NY

Perfect K-Cup Storage – if you can get it cheap

I got a Keurig for Christmas and got these to hold the k-cups for things like hot chocolate that I have a ton of the same flavor. Doesn’t take up a lot of space, easy to access the k-cups, easy to refill, and looks neater on the shelf than some of the other racks I saw online. I found them for around $25 at Wal-Mart, but was unable to find them on Amazon for less than almost twice that until someone listed a set with a slightly damaged box. The box didn’t bother me, the second set was just as great as the first, but I’m not sure I would have paid more than I did for either set.
LuciPetersburg, VA

A Nice Storage Solution

These are a nice addition to our kitchen counter. They are quite compact but hold our favorites and don’t need to be refilled as often as the wire carousel does. The hole in the front for the display cup is a nice idea, but the cup tends to be pushed out.
SusanneAlvin, TX

Great for organization!

These are perfect for keeping boxes off of countertops and out of cupboards. You can put two kinds in each, one on the bottom, to be taken from the opening there, and another kind on top, to be taken from the top. They look very nice when placed on both sides of the brewer too and give any kitchen or brewing station a sense of organization.
LelaKirksville, MO