Keurig K155 K-Cup Commercial Brewing System

Perfect for small office and conference rooms, this brewing system will be a big hit with employees and guests. The K155 Brewing System brews a perfect cup of coffee, tea, hot cocoa or iced beverage in under one minute at the touch of a button. Now everyone can brew what they love. This fully programmable brewer has an interactive touchscreen that allows you to program the brew temperature, Auto On/Off and set your language preference to English, Spanish or French. Includes a bonus k-cup portion trial pack.

Quick facts

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  • 1 Keurig Brewer with bonus 12-count K-cups
  • Water reservoir holds up to 90 ounces; Full color touch screen interface and automatic shut-off; Removable drip tray for travel mug use.
  • Heats and brews in less than one minute at the touch of a button; Brews one cup at a time; Brew size options of 4, 6, 8, and 10 ounces.
  • 1,400 Watts, 120 VAC

Top reviews

Beautiful machine

I purchased this for a small hair salon, It is quieter than my home brewer.
Have not had it long enough to test durability but the first thing I noticed was how heavy it was, seems like 30 pounds… Waiting (hoping) for my home unit to break so I can replace it with the B155
OlenWest Bend, IA

Worst customer service ever and not durable

My brewer lasted for three uses. After three uses it no longer pumps any water. I called customer service, because I spent extra money on a commercial brewer, I can only get it fixed through a technician who has a prohibitive call queue. I have called back a total a five times, and each time I am told that a technician will call me back. This has yet to happen over the last month that I have been trying to fix this. Had I bought a cheaper one from Walmart, this issue would have been resolved already. Do not buy this brewer. If it breaks, expect zero customer service from Keurig and to be out whatever money you have paid for it.
KatyYarmouth, ME

It imparts plastic taste

We bought two of these machines. The first one was put into action without running the flushing cycle, so understandably it gave off the plastic taste. But you would think that after a few months, the taste would go away.

A few months later, the second unit was bought. This time we meticulously ran it through the flushing cycle. The plastic taste was minimized, but still there. Now after about one month of usage, the coffee it makes still tastes bad.

We use the Green Mountain Keurig cups, so I doubt it’s the coffee itself. For comparison, I went out and bought McDonald’s black coffee (they use Newman’s Own), and added sugar and creamer myself. The McDonald’s coffee tasted much better, just pure and clean.

For another reference point, we used to have a different model of Keurig, and that machine definitely made better coffee than this one. I wouldn’t say it made great coffee, but it did not impart plastic taste.

I have since resorted to buying my own coffee whenever possible, so it’s difficult for me to give this more than one star.

ClementinaAltona, IL

I Love This Brewing System For Making Coffee, Tea, Iced Tea, and Hot Chocolate!

I’ve had several Keurig brewers in the past and wore each of them out with heavy use. This one is the best one I’ve ever had! The coffee tastes better to me. I’m not sure why. It’s a tiny bit bigger than the other models, but I think it’s attractive.

In the mornings my machine is a coffee brewer. Then I brew up some tea so I can pour it over ice and I drink iced tea all afternoon. In the evenings I might have hot tea or hot chocolate or more coffee. The best thing is the variety of flavors that are available. You never have to be bored having the same one. I usually start out with Tully’s Breakfast blend or maybe their House blend, then after my taste buds wake up, I switch to Italian, which can’t be beat! Then there is a Pomegrante tea that makes everything smell great. Sometimes I mix several flavors of tea together just for fun.

This is the easiest and fastest way I’ve found to make coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. I love it!

Edited to say that the coffee fills from the left side of the tray. I have put a tiny bowl to the right of where the cup goes so I don’t put my cup in the wrong place. Several times I put the coffee cup too far to the right, only to come back a few minutes later and find that the coffee missed the cup.

MaragaretLong Beach, MS

Keurig B155 surprised me and it will surprise you..

When I first tried Keurig it was a B150 at my new office and the B130 in our affiliates office. Both has a quick and easy way of making coffee while maintaining temperature with each cup. I had used these items for a few months, only to find myself wanting one. While I find the standard models repulsive, The B150 & B155 is a elegant machine that looks modern and has a touch screen to make a dull counter top exciting.

You get a fresh tasty cup of coffee within 20 seconds and it is fast and easy to use. I use mine 3 times a day for coffee, hot apple cider (yum) and cocoa which all taste stellar.

I do have to say you MUST order your K cups online to get the best deal, but Dunkin Donuts is probably the best coffee that tastes like it came from the store.

A great investment and great coffee, you can’t beat it!

CodyUlster, PA

Great product

This is a great item, easy to connect, and so easy to use. This was an upgrade for us, and I don’t regret it.
LyleHughes Springs, TX

A Robust Java Machine

I got hooked on K-cups at a customer’s plant where I was working. The coffee was so fresh and great tasting the I was compelled to buy this unit for my home. It has not failed my expectations. It has worked flawlessly since I first plugged it in. The touch screen is a conversation piece when guests are in the kitchen because it rolls through various views of coffee beans, roasting, and the k-cup brewing cycle. When you put a new k-cup into the holder it shows the screen to select your brew size, then all you have to do is select the size and hit the ‘brew’ button and you’ve got a superior cup of coffee.
Even the kids love brewing up a cup of hot cocoa. And, if you don’t like coffee or cocoa, try the chai latte (spiced black tea). There are k-cups available that will please anyone.
FrankieRocky Ford, CO