Khao Shong Snack Cracker Roasted Green Peas, 280-Grams

Khao Shong Snack Cracker Roasted Green Peas, 280-Grams (Pack of 4)

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  • Khao Shong
  • Khao Shong Snack
  • Snack
  • Roasted Green Peas

Top reviews

love roasted peas, just not these…

I have tried many different brands of ‘roasted peas’ and I have loved them all until now.
I did not care for this brand.
There is a mildew smell when you get them close to eat them.
My family also did not care for this brand, so we will feed them to the birds.
They are packaged nicely and came packed well, so that’s where the one star came from.
BrittneyNew Vienna, IA

Surprised there are no reviews for this excellently addictive snack

I was looking for roasted green peas that were not Wasabi for my wife. I know … crazy … but she actually doesn’t care for wasabi. Anyway – she was looking for a healthy snack and I recently noticed a nutrition expert on television recommend roasted green peas so I looked to track some down for a good price. Most of those offered via Amazon Prime were wasabi or had inconsistent reviews. Decided to take a chance on this item … so far not reviewed. Well – I need not look any further. This one is a winner. Peas are the perfect crunchy but not too crunchy texture. Seasoning is very light but just right. And one can eat 55 of them as one serving – I weighed them. Not only is my wife fond of them – my kids are as well. And, although I had picked up another brand of wasabi peas, I had a hard time staying out of this can when one was open. This one is a keeper.
HermanSandia, TX