Khong Guan Raisin BiscuitsTin, 20-Ounce


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These are a relatively good substition for Sunshine Biscuits

I have been longing for Sunshine biscuits forever; I was so bummed when they were taken off of our grocery shelves, and while garibaldi biscuits are equally yummy, they were hard to get until just recently through Amazon. A couple of years ago, I found these Khong Guan biscuits at our local Asian market and took a chance, and I’m glad I did. They’re pretty tasty, especially with a cup of tea. I like things on the dry and not overly-sweet side, so these biscuits fit the bill deliciously. Btw….I found these A LOT cheaper in the store $5.99/tin, $1.99 package before tax).
AnamariaEthelsville, AL

Crunchy, dry biscuits (with a few raisins)

After searching for the old Sunshine raisin cookies and reading the other reviews of these biscuits, I decided to try them. Make no mistake — these are NOT like the Sunshine cookies. These are dry, crunchy biscuits (no, they weren’t stale, they’re just crunchy), with a few raisins thrown in for good measure. Many bites have no raisins at all – just a plain, neutral-tasting biscuit. I don’t remember the Sunshine cookies being crunchy, so that was also a disappointment. Also, $15.00 is a lot of money to spend on a tin of biscuits this size. I couldn’t find these in the Asian market near me, but that’s the way to go if you want to try these out (way cheaper). If you’re looking for something similar to the sadly-discontinued Sunshine raisin cookies, this isn’t it. Try Crawfords Garibaldi Biscuits – they’re made with currants, but they’re much closer to the original.
KirbyAlden, KS

Long-lost Raisin cookies

My dad always used to eat the long packaged raisin cookies. They disappeared from the grocery stores sometime in the 1980’s. When I saw this product, I just had to order it! We have since eaten all of them! I can’t say they are exactly like the ones I remember, but they are pretty close!! I would recommend this product, for sure!
HeribertoValparaiso, FL

Over-baked, left nasty brunt aftertaste.

While attempting to locate Sunshine Raisin Biscuits, I found these on Amazon. They appear to be similar to what I was use to enjoying
with the Sunshine product. The similarity ends with the picture on the tin canister. The biscuits are over baked with burn marks on
both sides. They are frail and crumbly, not soft and chewy, with several biscuits broken into small pieces possibly due to the poor
manner of packing in their canister. What appeared to be the raisins was a dark rubbery substance that did not chew well, the biscuit
part was bland and after several bites I had a nasty burnt aftertaste in my mouth. Spending $15.00 plus shipping on a tin of biscuits
this size only to discover it is undigestible and non-refundable. This was a disappointment.
ConcepcionKennewick, WA

Stale cookies

I rememberd the Sunshine rasin cookies of my my youth. These looked like them so I purchased the tin. Not very good. Dry as the desert. Perhaps they were just stale.
LynseyWaterview, KY

Too Dry.

Am a real fan of this type of cookie and they are so hard to find. This was our 1st time to buy this brand but they were a real disappointment. They were too dry. Make me wonder how long they may have been in inventory. Will not buy again.
SangProvincetown, MA

not as good as sunshine or crawford

these crackers are crisp and dry, not very tasty, and not very much like the Sunshine Raisin Cookies, I strongly prefer The Crawford’s Garibaldi. They taste better and are more like the Sunshines. Mine did not taste stale like some of the other reviewers found.
KingArverne, NY