Kikkoman Milk Green Tea Organic, 32-ounces

A smooth, creamy textured beverage, Pearl® Green Tea Organic Soymilk is an energizing drink using imported organic green tea. One 8 oz. glass provides as much calcium and more vitamin A and D than whole milk, so drink this soymilk alone or use in a cream-based spinach, broccoli, or asparagus soup instead of milk. Pearl® Green Tea Organic Soymilk offers an elegantly pleasing taste packed with nutritional benefits

Quick facts

  • Certified Kosher
  • With all the benefits of soymilk and the antioxidants of 100% imported organic green tea, PEARL® Organic Soymilk Green Tea has just a hint of natural lemon essence to round out its pleasantly delicate flavor.
  • Use it blended in beverages or frozen desserts, or simply serve over ice as a refreshing beverage option.

Top reviews

Interesting combination. Tasty tasty stuff

I love this product. Made with organic non-GMO soybeans, organic cane sugar, organic green tea, organic lemon and vanilla flavoring, sea salt, carrageenan and water, and enriched with vitamins, this soy milk is healthy and tasty. It’s got an appealing chalky-green color of Japanese matcha. Calories: 110 per serving (4 per box), 30 from fat. Low sodium and zero cholesterol. High in Vitamin D (35%), Folate (25%), Calcium and Vitamin A (both 30%). Iron 10%, Zinc 6%.

Made in USA. Certified organic by QAI. I bought this at a local Chinese supermarket for about $2.50. I have also tried the Kikkoman Pearl Chocolate Organic Soy Milk, 32-Ounce (Pack of 6), which is also delicious. I’ll definitely buy this again.

CarrollWysox, PA


Recommended by a friend, I am a big green tea lover, would like to try out anything with green tea flavor, this soil milk tastes rich but not too sweet,enjoyed it a lot, will order more in the future
MasonHemingford, NE

very good

We decided to try this because sometimes it’s difficult to dissolve powdered green tea in cold drinks. We don’t like to waste any of the powdered tea. This product has a very good flavor cold. Heated, it makes a wonderful green tea latte. We tried that today, used a hand mixer to create a froth and enjoyed it very much. The froth really holds up and doesn’t break up before you are able to finish the drink.
TrishaGrassy Butte, ND

Absolutely wonderful!

I used to be able to find this product locally, but after the local grocer change suppliers, they could no longer get it. This soy milk is thick and creamy and the taste in just fantastic. If you haven’t tried it yet, and like both soy milk and green tea, you really should give it a try. Don’t let the way it looks change your mind (like brownish-green yuk). The stuff is fantastic!
EstefanaMarion, CT