Kikkoman Pearl Soy Milk Original 32 oz

Pearl® Original Organic Soymilk is an ideal source of protein and a great way to maintain energy throughout the day. One 8 oz. glass provides as much calcium, nearly the same amount of protein and more vitamin A and D than whole milk. And it has 27% fewer calories and less than half the fat. Pearl® Soymilk is also cholesterol- and lactose-free.

Quick facts

  • Net weight 32-ounces
  • Calcium and vitamins enriched
  • Lactose free
  • Kosher certified
  • USDA organic

Top reviews

Pearl is the Best

Years ago as my wife and I were becoming Vegan, we searched for a Soy Milk she liked. She was quite particular about how her “milk” tasted and as a result we tried all of the major brands. We finely stumbled upon Pearl Soy Milk at the local King Soopers. It has a very mild flavor very similar to milk in taste and mouth feel. we have been drinking it ever since.

Kikkoman uses organic soy beans (very important) and is fortified with vitamins A, C and D2 and contains Calcium, iron, and Zinc.

You can use Pearl anywhere you would use animal milk, it works just the same.

Kikkoman’s Pearl Soy Milk is in our opinion the best tasting soy milk on the market today. It’s so much better than the Antibiotic, hormone and puss laden stuff they suck out of a Cows teats.

DionMountain View, CA

Best milk product on the market

Love this stuff. The flavor is wonderful, slightly sweet with a very mild and clean taste.
No aftertaste, long lasting on the shelf. you dont have to Refridgerate it till you open it,
when you do open and refridgerate it will last longer than cow milk before it turns.
I used to throw out half the milk i bought, didnt use it befor going bad, i have never had to throw any of this stuff out

I use it with cereal or just a little by itself.
Havent tried it in baking yet so i dont know who it stacks up against cow milk.

i buy this locally and have found it cost less than other brands

HassieRobinson, ND