Kikkoman – Soy Sauce 5.0 Oz


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A good soy sauce

I use a lot of soy sauce in my kitchen. For one thing, I make a lot of stir fry dishes. And a little soy sauce tops things off nicely once the vegetables and chicken (or whatever) are done and once the fried rice is ready to go.

For another, sometimes I like to eat left over fried rice by itself. Once again, some soy sauce added to the reheated rice is a delicious and simple snack.

Kikkoman Soy Sauce, then, is a nice addition to one’s pantry.

MelinaCouncil Hill, OK

Not the item pictured

The item shown on the page is not the item I received. The item I received is the kind of soy sauce that they have in restaurants – the ones that don’t have a screw cap but rather a small hole on each side for pouring. In other words, you can’t close the bottle. I bought it for the purpose of transporting after using it, but it’s not possible. Fortunately, the person I bought it for doesn’t mind, but beware that it is not the actual item they show on the buying page.
LettiePonte Vedra Beach, FL

How many complaints does it take?

I just sent a complaint to Amazon because, like others, I did not get the item pictured. I got the restaurant-style container that cannot be closed. Not only that but, for a set of 4, the restaurant-style containers are a cheaper product. Restaurants like the lids with holes on two sides because they know the containers will be used many times during the day by many patrons. So, there is little chance of the soy sauce spoiling before the container needs to be refilled. Not so with people at home. I’m the only one here and do NOT use soy sauce every day. So, I’m probably going to have to pour it into another bottle that DOES have a lid that closes … just to keep it fresh.

So, 5 stars to Kikkoman for making a great soy sauce and 0 stars to Amazon for cheaping out on at-home customers with an unfair switcheroo. Between 5 and 0 stars, the average I give this order is 3.

P.S. When I sent the complaint to Amazon, I specifically stated that I wasn’t asking for a refund. They responded to my complaint – saying they were giving me a refund anyway and asking if it solved my problem. I told them, “No,” because I was still stuck with 3 restaurant-style containers. However, they did say they would investigate why this switcheroo is happening. Hope they fix it for future orders.

P.P.S. Up to this point, I was merely disappointed. But then, Amazon responded to my response. They suggested I “try one of their other sellers.” And they asked me again if this solved my problem. I answered yes … but only to get them off my back. And I took away 1 more star – making my review a 2-star review. Buying from Amazon should be like buying from any other store. Customers need to “trust” that the store “knows” what it is selling. If I visited a local Safeway store and bought this item – only to find the item switched in my shopping bag when I got home – I’d be disappointed. A refund doesn’t put the product I bought in my home. And the suggestion to try a different Safeway store would be a bit insulting. Who knows, maybe the other store would do the same switcheroo. Selling and buying should be a transaction, not a crap-shoot.

AshleySutter, CA

Wrong bottle type

Although the quantity of soy sauce is the same, the bottle that I received was a restaurant-style table dispenser, not a bottle that can be closed. Because this will cause evaporation in my desert climate, the soy sauce must be transferred to another container. The photo should be updated to show the actual container.
NeilStanville, KY

The taste I grew up with in a handy bottle.

My children love soy sauce and so do I. It makes everything taste better. Kikkoman is the brand I grew up with and what I now cook with. This little bottle is handy. It’s cute, and lets out just enough sauce to flavor the rice at the table. It’s also refillable. I usually buy the large bulk bottles of Kikkoman and use those to refill the little tabletop bottles.
ChelseyClayton, AL

Absolutely Delicious!

Since I’ve been cutting back my budget and eating in instead of carryout, I’ve found myself craving my old favorites. One of them being Chinese food. Fried rice and pan-fried noodles have always been comfort foods for me and I found myself longing for them.

Following my instincts, I made my first batch of fried rice using Kikkoman’s, veggies and two eggs. The soy sauce was all I used other than a pinch of pepper and it was all that was needed. Kikkoman’s is flavorful without being overly salty. (That’s a lot coming from me being as I can’t stand overly salty foods or condiments.) It’s no where near as salty as those soy sauce condiment packets you get at the restaurants.

I actually found myself adding more after the dish was done to add more flavor.

I think the sauce is a tad pricey, so if you can find it cheaper elsewhere, great.

LupeClay, NY