KIND Fruit & Nut Bar, Walnut & Date, 1.4-Ounce Bars

All natural. Always. Dairy free and cholesterol free. All natural; Low in carbs (Only 7.2% of TDV); Natural source of omega-3, Good source of fiber; Low sodium; No added preservative, colors or flavors. No sorbitol; No sulphur dioxide. Made in Australia.

Quick facts

  • Case of eight 1.4-ounce walnut and date snack bars (11.2 total ounces)
  • Made from 100% natural dates, walnuts, honey, and puffed rice
  • Dairy, gluten, and wheat free; no cholesterol, 2.5 grams of fiber per serving
  • Full of premium whole nuts and the taste and goodness of real fruit flavor
  • Handmade in Australia by PeaceWorks, which donates 5% of its profits to OneVoice, a foundation supporting co-existence in the Middle East

Top reviews


MarguriteButte, ND

one of my favorite bars!

This is one of my favorite nutritional bars. It tastes great, is natural and not highly processed. It does not contain any eggs, milk, or peanuts, which is a big factor for me when I choose a bar. It tastes great…!
From— a very very picky eater
IsobelWinona, TX

One of my favorite bars, and I’m particular.

I’ve been purchasing these bars for quite awhile either via Amazon or at one of the grocery stores I shop at. Given their usual price, I always have to convince myself that I could find something less expensive but I know the nutritional quality won’t come close to a bar like the KIND Walnut & Date. I run and do quite a bit of cardiovascular work @ the gym, these bars are always a great calorie dense source of energy for me either the day before as a pre-workout source of energy or post-workout nutritional supplement. I particularly like the Walnut & Date for the taste but also because it’s one of the lower calorie bars the company offers. Great choice!
StanleyGeneva, NE

Eating right for my type!

I’m so pleased with these bars! I’m an O+ girl, and walnuts and dates are just the right thing for Blood Type O’s to eat. These bars are yummy, and Amazon ships them fresh. (Sometimes our local health food options sit on the shelf for awhile.)

Just the right thing when I have class scheduled during the dinner hour! And so much better than any vending machine offers.

AlbertineKingfield, ME

Good flavor

I like to carry a snack bar with me, so I am always looking for ones that are healthy and taste good. This bar is both. It is also satisfying.
EllenaEldorado, WI


great great bar…..whether you eat gluten free or not…..I will buy them from Amazon to save over store prices. Otherwise they are kinda expensive. But they are really good!!! YUM!
SuThornton, KY


This was an excellent and very tasty bar. I’ve tried a wide a variety of nutritious ‘heath bars’ over the years and have to say this is by far the best. `KIND Walnut and Date Snack Bars – 1.4 oz. (8-pk.)
HilariaGrand Blanc, MI

another kind bar favorite

this makes a rich, satisfying dessert. it has 17 grams of sugar which is a little high but it also has 3 grams of fiber.i like this bar as a reward at the end of the day along with watching csi reruns.
GeorgeAva, OH

KIND bars are great!!

My wife and I really enjoy KIND bars. These are great snack after a workout. Amazon sells them at a very competitive price.
LorraineStrabane, PA

pure food

To call these bars pure food might sound funny; isn’t everything we eat food? To me most ‘food’ available in stores should not be eaten; what is special about these bars is that they are mostly whole ingredients not chemical concoctions; pure food.

I have many nut allergies and this particular bar has been made in a clean enough setting that I have not had any reactions and I have eaten many many bars, and many other brands of food have given me allergic reactions.

I absolutely love these bars, they are my special treat.

LeahVega Alta, PR

Love ’em!

These bars are filling, healthy, tasty – I could go on and on. They’re absolutely excellent!
NetaAltus, AR


My husband and I love the Walnut and Date bars. They have a great taste and are all natural. They fill us up too! All of the KIND Bars are good!
ThelmaLima, OH


All natural, don’t taste like GMO junk! These are my favorite bars and as a fitness instructor, I’ve tried a lot of bars. They aren’t protein bars so don’t expect a lot in that regard but they are natural and healthy and taste amazing. I never find myself choking one of these down! It’s more like, “Am I finished already? Dang it!” So worth it and I wait for the price to drop and then pull the trigger 🙂 Like today, 3 boxes at $7.08 each!! WHat??
DaniellBirchdale, MN

KIND walnut & date bars

These bars are delicious. They are made of fresh nuts and fruit and are held together with an invisible covering that makes the bar very firm and crunchy.
I loved them – they disappeared in just a few days. The box of 8 bars was shipped with a heavier item and the bars were thrown around the box, but not damaged.
MontyGlencoe, OK

KIND Walnut & Date

These are great. The walnuts and the dates are a very tasty combination. Honey is also an ingredient and I definately taste it. There’s just a little puffed rice in there too, which I also think adds an nice additional texture. But what I like best about these is that when you’re eating one you know you’re eating a date and walnut bar. There’s not such a high proportion of any of the other ingredients that you feel like they begin to compete with the two main ingredients, they simply complement them very well. I try to keep one in my purse for emergencies (although I could happily eat one even if it wasn’t an emergency). And finally, they’re gluten free which some of my friends appreciate.
ClevelandCharlo, MT

Excellent Snack Bar!

Trust me, we’ve tried a large variety of GF snack bars and this one tops this list. Additionally we have found the Walnut & Date bar to be the best of the KIND brand selection.
IrwinBovina, TX

Kind – One of a kind…

Excellant source for immediate energy. I use this for our daughter, who plays tennis all the time. She prefers to eat these in between the games and regains energy.
EstebanCamas Valley, OR

Good – but too sweet

Good product – but we find these too sweet. We’ve gone to ordering the almond / cranberry ones instead.
MyrleElsinore, UT

At least they are fresh this time

It’s a bit of a freshness gamble when purchasing Kind Bars from Amazon. This time though, this box was satisfactory, as they should always be.
DeniseMorrison, TN

Just awesome !!!

I tried several kinds of these bars and so far this one is the best !!
I ordered it twice even though the price is little expensive. Tastes great 😀
AnnetteLonedell, MO

Delicious and healthy!

I love these bars, which aren’t carried in most places that sell Kind bars for some reason. In my opinion, the best of the bunch — sweet dates, tender walnuts. They’re a great snack. Yum!
MonnieAtwood, CA

The best bar ever invented!!

First off, the KIND brand is fabulous. These bars in particular though are my ultimate favorite. They are chock full of natural nutrition and oh so decadent tasting. The walnut-date combo is outstanding. Also, Amazon sells them the cheapest I’ve ever seen.
MariannaCordova, TN

Pricey but Delicious

My favorite is the Walnut and Date — even though it’s a little pricey at 11 dollars for 8 bars, it is a great, healthy, treat and I will definitely be purchasing again. I like substituting it for breakfast or a mid afternoon snack. Seems to satisfy the hunger for a couple of hours.
ToraRed Lake Falls, MN

The best!

Just discovered the Kind bars,and am so grateful! I have celiac disease,and finding gluten-free bars has been impossible,but these are so delicious,and Amazon has the best prices! These are what were snacked on in the green room at the Academy Awards! Here’s to Hollywood beautiful,as well as yummy bars!

Elizabeth Wheaton

MattAlkol, WV

Perfect snack bar

I love KIND bars because they are nutrient dense (no wasted calories), tasty and filling. This variety, with dates, is perfect for mid-morning, with coffee.
HuldaSawyer, MI

GLUTEN FREE: Lower calories, but has enough sweetness to tackle that little afternoon craving

Lets not get too crazy here: looking for a snack that holds only organic products and is GLUTEN FREE and has little manufactured ingredients: yep, big thunms up for this one; looking for lower sugar content: yep, if you compare it with the other KIND bars; and has enough sweetness to sustain that sweet tooth: very big smile.
However, the sugar content is still there and moderation comes from the slightly higher pricing compared with other snack bars. The texture of this bar is chewy and can be quite filling. So great for on the road, as part of a calorie count! I sometimes forget about the latter and I think I am eating better and hence think I can eat more! So I am crazy over this new snack bar, but restrained myself when I think that it does add up if I dont exercise/move around as much as I should do: such a dampner!

I love it as it does not contain any gluten agents!

PamalaPaxton, FL


With the demise of the delicious chocolate walnut Nectar bars I was forced to find a new favorite snack bar. This is it! While the other flavors I tried were just okay,this bar is super yummy! Please never discontinue it!
DerekDebary, FL


Bought three different Kind bars from Amazon at the same time. This was the only one that arrived perfectly. The other two (Sesame and Nut Delight) were hard as rocks. If you are going to go with Kind from Amazon, this one is your safest bet. It tastes good AND it is fresh.
TynishaSanbornville, NH


This is a tasty treat with some substance and is easy to carry in a pocket or purse.
RaisaClarksburg, IN

Great taste … too sweet

This is a great tasting bar, with an unusually different combination of dates and walnuts. I find it to be a substitute for a candy bar or sweet bite. However, in my opinion, it’s far too sweet. My bars have crystallized sugar in them. Don’t know if that’s intentional or not. Perhaps the bars are old? However, I find it to be a “it hurts my teeth” kind of sweet … yes, for sensitive areas on my teeth, it’s far too sugary. In addition, I highly doubt the caloric content … 150 calories for 1.4 ounce bar with Dates, Walnuts, Honey, & Glucose as the first 4 ingredients. Given the sugar, ingredients & density, caloric content of comparable bars are in the 250-range. I am a lifetime Weight Watcher and extraordinarily conscientious about these things. The listed caloric content is too low for the ingredients and sugar.

I won’t be getting these bars again.

CatherineJamesville, NC