KIND Healthy Grains Granola Clusters, Oats and Honey with Toasted Coconut, Gluten Free, 11 Ounce Bags, 3 Count

Oats & Honey Clusters with Toasted Coconut have a foundation of five super grains combined with sweet honey and toasted coconut, making them the perfect snack for your active lifestyle. KIND Healthy Grains Clusters are delicious blends of wholesome ingredients including five super grains, making them the perfect snack for your active lifestyle. ✔ 100% WHOLE GRAINS 32g PER SERVING ✔ Gluten Free ✔ Non GMO ✔ 5 Super Grains – Oats, Millet, Quinoa, Amaranth, Buckwheat ✔ Excellent Source of Fiber ✔ Low Glycemic ✔ Low Sodium ✔ 0g Trans Fat ✔ Kosher Dairy ⓊD

Quick facts

  • Provides 1/3 of daily whole grain requirements (at least 16g per serving)
  • Ingredients you can see and pronounce
  • All natural, gluten-free, non GMO
  • Good source of fiber
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

Top reviews

Deceptive Description

The manufacturer states, “LOW GLYCEMIC” & “NO REFINED SUGARS”. Hidden on the manufacturer’s web site is a list of ingredients that includes “evaporated cane juice” (aka white sugar) & “molasses”, both of which are not healthy for people with hypoglycemia. Be warned…………
FreidaMillport, NY


One word sums it all up – HORRIBLE! I’d comment on the texture but the particle board flavoring made all other attributes null and void. Enough said.
JaimieRome, NY


I cannot eat this – it has glycerin in it. All these good qualities it claims it has – these are not any good when it has glycerin in it. A little bad ruins the whole bag of what would have been good.

And the bag claims to be “clusters”. It is really crumbly – I see no clusters.

A waste. I will try to find somebody who will want to eat this.

NetaFlorence, SD


I’d imagine this is what shaved particle board pieces, sprinkled w/cinnamon would taste like? Not pleased with the lack of forethought given, when item was shipped in a manila envelope w/zero padding. You can imagine it was mostly dust when I opened the bag. Overall not a good product, but then again , maybe I’m the minority?!? Skip this product.
EdithKapowsin, WA

Rancid Product, Will Avoid KIND products

The Bag I received had a rancid ingredient in it. The Exp. date was 8/29/2012. Something made it through quality control. It is a product I would try again, though. There is a good ratio of protein to sugars. The bite I did have was mildly sweet, which I prefer.

Update: I contacted the company about the product and provided the exp. date and batch information. They believe it could be due to storage and handling of the product. From the way I received the product I could see that as a possibility. When I get more information I will add that to my review.

Update 11/28/11: Looks like customer service is either overworked or inept. I am guessing the later. As mentioned above, I sent a short email with the date and batch number. The response I received back asked for that information. I gave my address and after confirming a post-paid envelope was coming, I responded three weeks later saying I never received it. I received a response back saying he mailed it on 11/4. I emailed him my address on 11/7. I have no way to contact the CEO, so maybe the company is inept as well.

Update 12/8/11: The customer service rep sent me another bag to try. Mind you, he is fully aware I am reviewing this product on amazon. The second product was slightly stale tasting. The clusters ranged from granola type flakes all the way to a 2×3 inch chunk. The taste varied by cluster the first one I had was bland, the second sweet and excessive with the cinnamon. Basically, this product should have never passed quality control. The only positive I can say is they communicated.

I must recommend avoiding KIND snacks. A companies product is only as good as its organization in my opinion.

MirthaSarahsville, OH


Clusters? I didn’t get any clusters. A couple of residual clumps, but thanks to insufficient packaging, all I got was essentially a bag of powder.

I’d attribute part of that to Amazon choosing to send me the single bag in nothing more substantial than a bubble mailer, but the factory packaging should be air-tight, and have enough air (well, nitrogen to keep it fresh) to survive a trip from Seattle to northwest Oregon. I could mail a bag of potato chips (of most major brands) and the chips ought to survive the trip intact.

The powder tastes okay. But crushed that much, I can’t really consider this a snack anymore. I am very disappointed.

Maybe I’ll try some from the grocery store where I can make sure it’s not already crushed, and then transport it myself in a suitable fashion, but even if it turns out to be good, I can’t recommend buying it from Amazon unless they find a better way to ship it than a bubble mailer. I can’t believe anyone could have thought that was a good idea!

AmieeTwisp, WA

Light, flavorful, healthy and satisfying

I’m a bit granola obsessed, always on the search for a great tasting and healthy blend of ingredients. With reasonable effort to avoid hyperbole, Kind Healthy Grains Vanilla Blueberry Clusters might be the best granola I have tried. The diverse grains are sweet and crispy, the nutrients are plentiful, and the price is right. I generally eat the granola dry, straight from the package, but I have eaten it with almond milk, making for a delicious, nutritious breakfast.

For those who are curious, here is a breakdown of the nutritional content, as well as ingredients:

Serving Size: 1/3 cup (29g)
Servings Per Package: About 11

Calories: 120
Calories from Fat: 30
Total Fat: 3g (5%)
Saturated: 0g
Trans Fat: 0g
Cholesterol: 0mg
Sodium: 20mg (1%)
Total Carb.: 22g (7%)
Dietary Fiber: 5g (20%)
Sugars: 5g
Protein: 3g


Whole grains (gluten free oats, brown rice, gluten free oat flour, buckwheat, amaranth, millet, quinoa), evaporated cane juice, flax seeds, chicory root fiber, canola oil, vanilla extract, molasses, blueberry puree, apple puree, plum puree, apple juice, glycerine, sea salt, Vitamin E (D-Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate), citrus fiber, citrus pectin.

The blueberry flavor is, perhaps, a little too subtle, getting lost in the mix of the grains, but it does make its presence known. The variety of grains included is more robust than many other brand I have tried, especially the inclusion of quinoa. So there is a little something to please everyone.

So, for those seeking a delicious, healthy granola blend, I highly recommend Kind Vanilla Blueberry Clusters. For my money, it may be the best grain blend on the market!

CollinCaledonia, WI

It’s good, but..

I bought this for my granola bars (peanut butter, honey, and the healthy grain clusters). It is very good and for 3 bags the price is awesome, but there’s something in this bag that my stomach just can’t digest. I don’t know how else to say it, whatever it is comes out the same way it went in and it is not comfortable at all. I ate two bags before I narrowed it down to this product and it was not a pleasent two weeks.

It may just be me as I don’t see anyone else complaining about it. It is a very solid product though.

KieshaBidwell, OH

Not too impressed…

…especially when it came to the flax seeds.

I guess I’m just not a flax kind of guy… or maybe I’ve been brainwashed (or tastebud washed) into preferring commercial grade mass-market granola (with something like, say, Nature’s Valley or the like), that this particular granola didn’t feel right to me in terms of taste and texture.

I freely admit this may be my own fault and should not reflect on the product as a whole. If this is the case, I apologize to the folks at KIND… but, in my own opinion, this granola just didn’t do it for me.

It should be said, though, I did like the packaging… I am so sick of single serving packages that waste materials or open box/cereal box that allow their product to go stale on the shelf the moment you break the plastic. KIND’s method reminds me of the same style of packaging that Great Harvest puts their local-sourced granola in (another granola that I admire, even as I cannot eat it enjoyably).

Still, 2 out of 5.

JuneArapahoe, NE

Kind and Healthy?

I may have gotten a bad batch, but these tasted stale to me. I’m also frustrated with poor marketing. Is this a cereal, or a snack? If it’s meant to just be a snack, it falls very short. There were few actual clusters,and the rest was loose bits of grain, etc. That could have worked in milk with a spoon, but the packaging seemed to indicate it’s a snack food. I have no idea what’s ‘kind’ about it, and I don’t like the push for grains to be considered ‘required’ in anyone’s diet. The original studies that showed fiber was important for digestion were all studies on VEGETABLE fibers in real whole foods, not in processed grains. They’re doing good by using only non GMO ingredients, but still not what I consider to be truly healthy food.
MaryjaneOla, ID

What Blueberries? And what’s with the weird aftertaste?

I’m a pretty big cereal and granola fan. You’d have to botch up pretty badly to make me not like your cereal – Kind Healthy Grains has botched up pretty badly. On the initial bite, it wasn’t too bad…it has a good crunch and tastes like a pretty decent granola. I really didn’t detect a blueberry taste to it, nor did I see any actual dried blueberries in there. The vanilla taste was a little artificial tasting, but I kept eating anyways. Then the weird flavor started kicking in. The vanilla taste started tasting more and more nappy tasting, and when I stopped eating for a little bit, I got the worse aftertaste in my mouth. I’m presuming it was from the flax seeds, but having eaten flax seeds in a lot of cereals and from the fresh flax I put in my yogurt, I’m not sure if that was the cause of the problem. The aftertaste of this granola is pretty bad. It just doesn’t taste right – kinda like a mix between musty old nuts and artificial vanilla flavoring.

I tried eating this granola with milk and it was still pretty bad. My two preschoolers didn’t seem to mind the cereal much, although I noticed that when I offered it to them after that initial bowl that they never wanted it again. I’m guessing that means that they probably tasted that funky aftertaste, too. After this experience, I’m probably not going to buy this cereal again. Not recommended.

WinnieTangier, VA

Not a bad healthy snack

This oat cluster snack is pretty tasty, though it’s not something I would want to snack on all the time. The flavor tastes like a mild cinnamon. It’s a little a hard to eat by hand because the clusters are so small. It says on the package that you can eat it with milk like cereal, which seems preferable, or sprinkle it over yogurt. It has a lot of fiber and contains flax, which is a good source of omega-3, and it has no saturated fat. It’s not a bad snack, and healthy snack-lovers will probably enjoy it.
ErrolSmoketown, PA

The good and the bad

Some people will extol this product, some will dislike it, while others will see some good and some bad points in it. The good are the healthy ingredients: the 5g fiber, 750mg Omega 3, and the five 100% whole grains. Nutritionists have said that if a product states that it is whole grain, it is not 100% unless it explicitly says so. Other people may dwell on what they consider bad points. The problem with 100% whole grains is that many individuals find them tasting too grainy. This is the case here. It is one of the reasons why some manufacturers do not use 100% whole grains. Secondly, the clusters remain hard even after sitting in milk or soy for several minutes. This may be too hard for some consumers. Thirdly, the cereal is filled with flax seeds, which is good, but they do not soften, and they get caught in some people’s teeth.
GaylordRoosevelt, WA

low fat, high-ish sugar, mild flavor

This cereal is pleasant enough tasting, but quite honestly I would have appreciated the addition of more blueberry puree (or, better yet, some dried blueberries) for extra flavor.

Relative to lots of other granolas, this one has some things going for it: relatively low fat (3 grams per 29 gram serving), with no saturated or trans fats, and 5 grams of fiber. It’s also lower in sugar than many other granolas, with 5 grams per serving.

Bear in mind that a serving of this granola is only 1/3 cup. If you are inclined to eat more at one time (like I am), you’ll likely want to double or triple the above values.

The back of the bag suggests serving this granola three ways: on-the-go (dry), over yogurt, or with milk. I think they should add to that on top of baked fruit since I think this might make for a healthy alternative to a traditional cobbler topping. I think I’ll use the rest of my bag to try that out!

FreedaElm Springs, SD


But the idea of expecting valid testimony to claims of a “healthy” product when all that is offered is an exceedingly small quantity is not reasonable. So, yes…it is a palatable confection. More than that? I’ve no clue.
YoshikoSheldon, IL

Hard, crunchy and sweet

Considering the ingredients in this product, with the exception of sugar, it is a healthy combination. I am a granola fan therefore was looking forward to trying something new. The first spoonful was a surprise because I didn’t expect it to be so hard and crunchy with an occasional chewy berry thrown in. I didn’t like the texture and found it very difficult to eat. As well, I found it too sweet. After two spoonfuls I couldn’t eat anymore so I gave it to my husband to try.

He liked the crunch of the granola but said it was too sweet for him. He did finish off the bowl but indicated it is doubtful he will eat any more of it. My thoughts are to soak the rest of the package and add it to muffins. The added fiber will be a bonus.

If you don’t mind a sweet cereal and like the hard crunch then you may like this product. I didn’t but that’s because of my personal preference. Looking at other reviews many people do like it so you may want to take their considerations in as well.

MozellaSpring Mills, PA

not the best, but still good

So, I tasted this nummy granola, and it was quite satisfactory. Granted, I probably wouldn’t reach for it to just snack on plain (i.e. just the granola itself. Instead, I decided to add it to my Greek yogurt. Mmmmmm! LOVED it! It wasn’t too crunchy, and by the time I was done with my yogurt and granola, it wasn’t soft/mushy/soggy; the granola didn’t have the same crunch and solid firmness as it did to begin with, but it wasn’t a “wimpy” granola that got soft/soggy after a short period of time.

I’d recommend it if someone were thinking of buying it. Would it be my first choice? Depends. But I do know that it tastes great, is not TOO hard right out of the bag, and won’t get soft sitting in yogurt for simply a short period of time.

WillowOakland, MD

Healthy AND irresistible

When my one review pack arrived, I thought I’d have a quick taste just to see how it compared with the Kashi GoLean Crunch that DH has been eating to replace the decidedly NOT heart-healthy snacks that his cardiologist says he can’t eat anymore. Why not? I could just zip the bag back closed. Well, I tell you, I had to sit down right there and pour myself a bowl with milk. Wonderful. And now we have something that can be sprinkled over greek-style non-fat plain yogurt, which he IS supposed to be eating more of. The evaporated cane juice provides just the right hint of sweetness without being too much sugar, and the high level of fiber will certainly be a boon to healthy dieters. The flax seed is an added benefit for heart health.

My 60-year-old teeth are sensitive and weaker now than they used to be, so I often have difficulty chewing some of the granolas. This Kind blend is chewy and substantial, but not so hard that it’s risky for me to try to eat it out of hand. Softened with milk, it’s no problem at all. I’m not on a gluten-free diet, but I have friends who are, and this product would be just fine for them. The mix of whole grains has an interesting texture and taste, and the whole blend tastes so good I’d warn you not to sit down with the whole bag in front of the TV. It WILL be gone before you know it.

Cost is my only problem with this product, but not because it’s not worth the money. Healthy food costs more than junk, as it should, and it’s clear to me that Kind is very healthy indeed. We’re on low fixed income, though, so this would have to be an occasional splurge item for us, used more as a condiment on aforementioned yogurt than as a complete meal. I can stretch $5 worth of beans or chicken a lot further than I could one of these 11 oz. bags. I might, though, try it mixed in with oatmeal.

In short: It’s good food.

ChuHughes, AR

Not very blueberry, but otherwise OK

First off, with a name like “vanilla blueberry clusters” you’d think there’d be some dried blueberries mixed in with the granola, but you’d be wrong here. It’s simply pureed blueberries mixed in with the other flavorings. I also have to take a little issue with the “clusters” part of the name. Some of the product was in clusters, a bit was in great chunks, but a lot of it is broken down into little pieces or partial pieces of grain and seeds (and those flax seeds are tiny!). Some of that breakdown may be the way Amazon sent the Vine product sample to me, in a padded mailer, where normally I imagine they’d use a box, but I doubt that was the sole reason.

My gluten-free friend liked this product enough to seek it out on her own. My roommate’s toddler enjoyed it and kept asking for more. I am personally kind of ambivalent about it – I wanted a stronger blueberry presence and more clusters. I’d eat it again, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy it (unless shopping for gluten-free snacks for a social event with that friend). It’s nicely crunchy, and the 1/3 cup serving size (120 cal) is reasonably sized for an afternoon snack, and contains 3g each of fat and protein.

JoneCoopersville, MI

Tasty cinnamon granola. Might need fruit or something…

Overall, I found this a pretty tasty, crunchy granola cluster snack. The clusters seem to precipitate toward the bottom, but c’est la vie. The taste was good as was the texture. Good for snacking or as topping or cereal (though there’d only be enough for a couple bowls, like 2-3?). Though, I felt like it maybe needed something extra like some dried tropical fruit mixed in or something? Maybe I’ll have to try making my own sometime… But, as it was, I liked it. Not really any complaints, generally…
JudithBrownwood, MO

Tastes good! Perhaps a little high in fat, though it’s mostly from seeds & nuts.

Overall, I found this granola quite appealing. Seemed like more granola than clusters, or maybe the clusters all just settled to the bottom of the pouch? 😉

Flavor’s good. Quite crunchy. I like the fact it’s got largely healthy-ish stuff in it. Oats, seeds, etc. Seem to recall it has a little of your typical vegetable oil. Not entirely sure why that’s necessary, plenty of fats in the seeds & such. I’d kind of rather just have dextrose-based sugar for binding w/o the added fat in the oil or whatnot. I assume there’s a way. But regardless, overall I thought it was quite nice. I’d give it a good thumbs up. Good for snacking on the go, or probably as topping for yogurt or ice cream. I suppose you could eat it like cereal, though you’d only get a couple bowls out of it. Maybe 2-3?

MargueritePowhatan, AR

Not the Clusters I Expected

I enjoyed the cinnamon granola flavor of these. The granola is a nice sweet cinnamon oat flavor that doesn’t taste over sugared.

My complaint is that the clusters I expected were nuggets for eating with your fingers. While there was some of these, most of the bag was much “smaller eat with a spoon” size clusters.

EboniWilsonville, OR

It’s just granola when it comes down to it

The product here is called “cinnamon oat clusters”, but in reality it’s just granola in a bit of a fancy form. According to the ingrediants list, it’s not only oats but also rice, buckwheat, and some other stuff, plus flax seed. It also uses cane juice and molassesm as sweeteners, with no artificial crap (though does have added vitemin e).

So it’s pretty healthy, reletively speaking. Still, it’s food and taste is what matters — and on that note it’s pretty average. It’s a nice mix of sweet and oaty, and I admit I wouldn’t have trouble eating it as a long term minching snack. At the same time, though, nothing about it particularly stands out. Combined with the fact that it costs over 50 cents an oz, pretty high for a simple snack food, it’s not something I could recommend unless you’re a complete health nut.

DorothyButtonwillow, CA

Acquired taste?

Normally I love granola but….
I tried this straight out of the bag, sprinkled on yogurt and in a bowl of milk and in every variation it just tasted stale to me. I don’t know if that’s the flavor from the flax seed or what but it was not appealing. I also pawned some off on my kids to try and they didn’t care for it either. I would have to say it is better with something than alone (both to mask it’s taste and because it is very crumbly)

On the plus side it seems very healthy… perhaps by the time I finish the bag I will have acquired a taste for it.

SherryPawnee, IL

Health/junk food

This is a classic example of junk-food marketed as health food. Granted it’s better than most junk-food so if your going to eat processed sugar treats this is better, but it’s essentially a highly processed sugar and oat candy bar ground up – the other stuff listed in the ingredients are of such small quantities to be negligible. You can make oats+sugar at home with raw ingredients for much cheaper and more healthy. The one thing it has is crunch, which might be useful sprinkled on yoghurt or a replacement for sugar in your cereal (or oats) in small quantities. One bag contains 11 servings – if you actually make a bag last 11 days you’re in the minority because most people will wharf it down and end up ingesting huge amounts of empty calories and consider it a good product, boy it sure tastes good. If Kind was serious about making a healthy oat-based cereal they would remove the 60 grams of sugar (more than a can of Coke).
DanieleAshville, OH

Vanilla Blueberry Clusters

I love blueberries (fresh blueberries are very tasty and very healthy), and I love blueberry flavor. So when these arrived I was expecting something very tasty. However for me, these clusters tasted like they were a bit old. I like that these clusters are not very sweet, and that they contain whole grains, flax seeds and oats (very healthy), and fiber. But I just did not find them very tasty.

Overall this makes for an average nice snack

RomaSkwentna, AK

love this stuff

i love stuff like this. There is a very nice vanilla and blueberry taste, no after taste. I’ve used this on yogurt. I’m trying to get away from fruit yogurts so I bought plain and put this on it….yum.
I sprinkled this on cold cereal, oatmeal and cream of wheat I love cream of wheat).

I took a baggie to work and used it as my 2 PM snack.

I make all kinds of breads, apple, cranberry, banana etc and I’m going to experiment to see if I can add some of this to my recipe.

I would highly recommend this product.

My favorite way to eat it is either by the handful or on yogurt. It’s very healthy and really really tastes great.

KhalilahHoughton, MI

It’s Good Granola

While the label may describe this product as cinnamon oat clusters, my meat-eating palate recognizes this as granola. I happen to like granola, so that’s not a bad thing, and I recognize that the words cinnamon oat clusters carries with it significantly more cachet than does the word ‘granola.’ My review of this treat – First the Good:


* Taste – This is good-tasting stuff and happens also to be good for you. While it does have some sugars added, it is in the form of evaporated cane juice and molasses and it seems to me there is just a pinch of it, adding only a hint of sweetness which is not overpowering. Sugars weigh in at 6g per serving. The grains are tasty, fresh, and crunchy.

* Simple Ingredients – This is important to me, as I prefer to be able to pronounce the names on the ingredients list. This is packed with grains: oats, brown rice, buckwheat, amaranth, millet, quinoa. Other ingredients include flax seeds, chicory root fiber, canola oil, molasses, cinnamon, sea salt, and vitamin E in the form of D-Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate. OK, so I could pronounce most of it

* Fiber – As you would suspect of this kind of food, it is all about fiber: fully 5g of dietary fiber according to the label, per 1/3 cup serving. That’s pretty good, in my book.

* Satisfying – This reviewer prefers this for breakfast, either with milk or mixed in with fruit yogurt, and it keeps me full and satisfied through lunch. It is healthy and filling.


* Aroma – The aroma of this is much like the aroma of most bags of grain: earthy and slightly musty smelling. That’s not a bad thing. It’s just that this reviewer does not find it particularly mouth-watering. There is the faintest hint of cinnamon, but to me it smells much like a sack of brown rice or like most of the granola I’ve ever eaten.

* Feel Good Message – I’ve got mixed feelings about this. Ordinarily, the packaging or the company of a product doesn’t get a mention when I’m reviewing a product – it’s always about my experience with the product itself. In this case, however, the product is inextricably tied to a message from the company: KIND LLC. I am always appreciative of companies whose founders or owners direct the company toward social or environmental good and indeed I am drawn towards those products that also contribute towards causes I believe in. At the same time, I understand that companies’ primary aim is to make profit and a feel good message becomes part of the marketing campaign; I believe that doing good comes from one’s character and upbringing, not what one sees on the bottom of a product’s packaging. In this case it is ‘Kinding Mission #99…’ Does this affect my rating? No, but this reviewer thinks it is worth a mention.

Other Thoughts:

I enjoyed this product and found it to be tasty, fresh, and healthy. Yet I struggled with my rating, wanting to give it between three and four stars – ultimately giving it the benefit of the doubt at four. Why? Because as tasty as this was, it was still no more tasty or healthy or fresh as many other granola that I have tried, including the very best I’ve had: that made in my very own oven. So basically, despite the message of kindness toward others and the earth, at the end of the day it is just granola.

A quick word about bias, as that enters into any review where preference comes into play. I am neither vegan nor exclusive carnivore. While I like eating meat, I don’t eat it for every meal and endeavor to replace as much of it as I can on a regular basis with fresh vegetables and grains. While I like this product, it seems to me that it is seeking a niche in a crowded market, where granola is basically a commodity. As such, value needs to be considered with competing products that are basically equivalent. I mention this because there is so much excellent healthy granola out there, so price should be considered when shopping.

EdmondHalethorpe, MD

…and I’m not all that fond of blueberries.

The packaging and product description will tell you there’s all sorts of ways to use this stuff, and I tried most of ’em. But here’s the skinny: sure, it works as a cereal (or a garnish for a flake-based cereal) and all those other things, but this stuff was put on Earth for the sole purpose of being a yogurt mix-in. I don’t know what sort of magic happens when you drop a scoopful of this stuff in a bowl of vanilla yogurt (mango was another great choice), but some sort of magic does happen. Once I’d tried it that way, there was no looking back. It’s now a staple in the kitchen. I don’t think I’ve eaten yogurt without it in the last month.
TeneshaDestrehan, LA


Good healthy snack. Good plain, and also I tried mixing with plain yogurt and honey which is a great snack and adds a bit of protein to the meal.
CoralieGeorgetown, ID