King Leo Soft Pure Peppermint Sticks 9oz

Soft Pure Peppermint Sticks from King Leo in a 9oz box. King Leo’s Pure Peppermint Sticks are made with pure cane sugar and pure peppermint oil, the original recipe since 1901. Approximately 23 sticks per box with each stick about 2.5in long. Kosher/K Parve

Quick facts

  • Net quantity of 12 ounces
  • Made using 100% pure peppermint oil and old-fashioned care
  • Soft right out of the box and will dissolve in your mouth
  • Can be an addition to your hot chocolate

Top reviews


We love King Leo Soft Peppermint Sticks. They have been around for 110 years (REALLY); I only wish they were still available locally, but since that isn’t happening, AMAZON comes through once again! This supplier is fast, the price is great, and so is the packaging! If the shipping were less, I’d keep a steady supply coming my way!
LilliaNew Galilee, PA

Melt-In-Your-Mouth Peppermint Sticks

I love these AMAZING King Leo Brand Peppermint Sticks sold by Candy Crate. They melt away in your mouth, from the first stick to the last. I’ve been ordering these from Candy Crate for years – first on their web site and now from Amazon. If you like peppermint, you should try these King Leo Brand Peppermint Sticks. I don’t know how they make these peppermint sticks so soft, but make them they do – and they are mouth-watering. When I first ordered these peppermint stick, I thought they would be hard like all the rest. Boy was I surprised. I put that first stick in my mouth and in just a few minutes, it was gone. Of course I generally break them in half before putting them in my mouth. That way I can savor them longer. The last order I placed in June 2012 was for 5 boxes because I had run out of boxes, and I hate to do that – leaving me without my favorite candy. And to top it off, these peppermint sticks are low in fat. What a bonus. Do watch out for the shipping costs because they tend to add up the more boxes you order as these boxes are heavy. I hope you enjoy these peppermint sticks as much as I do – I am constantly eating them throughout the day. I guess that is why I go through my boxes so quickly, and they may be high in sugar content, but I haven’t gained a single pound from eating these sticks!
ElwandaGolden Gate, IL

So delicious!

I buy this every year for Christmas and my family looks forward to having them. I was unable to find them locally and was pleased to find them on Amazon. I will continue to order these every year and will also order some in the summer to serve with lemonade.
MauriceAlbany, KY

Best Soft Sticks Ever

King Leo has made the very best peppermint sticks and puffs for years. Most others are so soft, they fall apart but King Leo is the right combination of firmness and soft, melt-in-your-mouth consistency. Plus, the peppermint does not leave an aftertaste like most other brands. You owe it to yourself to check these out.
OzellWest Islip, NY

Don’t last long

these were good when I first received them, but quickly lost the softness and became tooth-breaking hard.
MalisaHarrison, NJ