King Oscar Cod Liver in Own Oil, 6.67-Ounces Tins, 190 Gram,

Long considered a delicacy in Northern Europe, cod liver is an essential source of Omega 3. While cod liver is full of health benefits it is also a versatile, gourmet appetizer. This Norwegian cod liver is prepared with bay leaves and black pepper

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  • Pack of 3 6.67-ounce tins

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Inuit-Style Treat

According to two other reviewers: “The taste is remarkably fresh for canned” and “The Japanese would describe it as Umami.” I quite agree with both of these observations. Some cautions, however:

You can’t just open a can and eat it as if it were a can of sardines, or even a can of oil-pack tuna. The product is extremely oily — in fact, it is 60% oil (richer than triple-creme brie)! It happens to be a healthful oil with vitamins A and D and Omega 3 fats, but it is still a bit much. I compared the nutritional values to a somewhat smaller can of oil-packed sardines. The cod liver had less protein than one might expect — 9 grams versus 16 for the sardines — but off the chart on calories with 1165!

To make matters worse, the instructions on the can (if you can read them — they’re in four languages and the tiny print requires a STRONG magnifier to see) say, “Must be consumed immediately after opening.” I strongly suggest a skeptical regard to that. The “remarkably fresh” taste does change quickly even in the refrigerator, but the result is not unpleasant. A little fishier, perhaps. I kept some for over a week and it was still tasty.

By the way, you ought not to waste the oil. It is of course sold separately as cod liver oil and is a fine nutritional supplement.

So, I suggest a strategic approach to consuming a can. You don’t want to eat it all at once (even if you have help), regardless of what the label says.

CarmenHuntington, UT

Cod Liver…

This is 6.67 oz which is huge amount of cod liver… for every 4.26 oz = 121 grams, I get OVER 100,000 IU vitamin A (2,000%), 10,000 IU vitamin D (2,500%), 20,000 MG Omega-3, 570 MG cholesterol (190%), 100 g fat (150%)… I have consumed cod liver from Ireland, Latvia, Denmark… It has so much vitamin A that can be considered toxic less alone, fat and cholesterol. Not a strong fishy taste at all. I place it in a sealed container in the refrigerator and consume it within a week since with over 8,000/IF, very high in inflammation factor it is great for my muscles when I do heavy work out. King Oscar is priced less than other brands. It is recommended that you drain the oil which I do not since I consume it all, but need to consume it cold. I make sure not to consume more than one can a month.
ClarineFreedom, ME

Loved It!

This is a great product! It’s not too salty like another popular brand I tried and goes great when chopped into a salad with eggs, green onions and fresh parsley. I even use a little bit of its oil to dress the salad. Mmm, delicious!
ByronHoldenville, OK

So tasty!

My husband is Russian and this is the only brand of Cod liver we buy. Unlike some of the other brands its packed in cod liver oil, instead of nasty rancid soybean oil. The taste is remarkably fresh for canned. We love to make spreads out of this or just eat it on a salad or on toast.
JustinIdanha, OR


These are extremely rich and delicious. The taste and flavor is hard to describe. The Japanese would describe it as Umami.
InOvid, NY

Our kids love it too

My husband brought home a different brand of smoked cod liver from a trip to France, not really knowing exactly what it was, only that it was fish (which he could get through Customs). We LOVE it. I bought the King Oscar, hoping it would be as good. It nearly is. Still very, very good. The kids eat it with a fork, right from the can if given the chance. If you want to be more refined about it, just make sure you have a cracker that is worthy!

In good conscience, it’s hard to throw the oil away. A little drizzle on salad is good, but too much is “heavy” tasting. So, I add some to the dog’s food (instead of salmon oil) until it’s gone.

It has a texture closer to a good pate than mousse. The smoke flavor is fairly light. We’ll be buying it again!

VersieSmithfield, NE

Buttery smooth

This cod liver is so unbelievably buttery, it almost has the texture of foie gras mousse. The taste is mild enough even for those who doesn’t like liver or fish since it has none of the grainy texture of other liver products and it’s not fishy at all.
SylvesterPinole, CA

Very nutritious and surprisingly mild

I had never eaten canned cod livers before, and these were surprisingly mild. I was trying them for the nutritional benefit of the oil and the vitamins A and D.

You can easily “hide” these in your tuna salad in small quantities if you are trying to eat them for the nutritional benefit, but don’t like how they taste. I also find the excess oil to be very good lightly sprinkled on a salad. I also make my own salad dressings, and the oil/pureed livers can easily be incorporated into the dressing in small quantities, as you would anchovies, for instance. I get bored with just eating the pate, so I’m trying to find new ways to eat this great food.

Having said all that, a little goes a LONG way, as they are very oily and high in calories. I have to eat a whole can over several days. I agree with other reviewers that the taste does change over time, but if refrigerated immediately and consumed over just a few days, the change is negligible. The price seems a bit high, but the nutritional bang for your buck is worth it.

I will order more in the future as long as they are available. Thanks to Amazon for offering this product!

MiSydney, FL


Living in the US of Norwegian heritage I used to ask visiting Norwegians to bring me one thing from home: some cans of cod-liver.. But then I discovered Amazon sells this very good product and visiting Norwegians are now freed of that task…

I eat this as a spread on bread for breakfast or snack, with some chopped onion and pepper on top, for dinner with boiled potatoes, or as supplement to fresh steamed cod (pref with cod-roe also). It is equally excellent in all dishes.


WesleyBerlin, CT

Good but wish it came plain (no flavorings)

This is the best price for cod livers in cod liver oil, and has a good fresh taste. But I wish it came without the bay leaves, pepper and table salt seasoning, as it would be healthier that way. I freeze the contents in a glass container after opening, and eat a few bites every day to get my fish oil supplement in. It lasts me about a week per can.

I also ordered the other brand of cod liver in its own oil with only sea salt added. That option was very good, too, but it was more expensive than this brand due to smaller-size cans and added shipping costs.

KyokoHaigler, NE

the best cod liver. ever.

we were blown away by how delicious these tins of cod livers were, and the bay and pepper were a special touch we really enjoyed. we toasted slices of rustic bread after drizzling with olive oil, then spooned some cod liver onto them and sprinkled some toasted seaweed on top–absolutely delicious! King Oscar Cod Liver in Own Oil, 6.67-Ounces Tins (Pack of3)
KasieGreen Harbor, MA

we all love love cod liver but now

sadly the quality is getting worst to much spice and to less cod liver also damged cans …
sad now we are looking for a other one…. but we do love love cod liver and it is so healthy … hope Amazon will be soon find a better one …. 🙂
TaishaTappen, ND


This is a hard-to-find item but it was worth the wait. Tasty livers ready to eat on crackers, pizza or in a salad. All 3 cans had big dents in them which will shorten the storage life of the product.
MarquettaStevensville, VA

I finally found a way to use left over oil

I just came from vacationing in Spain and loved calamari salad (served in our hotel restaurant). I tried to recreate it in my own kitchen since I came back. I use cooked calamari (rings) and add onion, garlic, green olives, roasted bell peppers (from glass jar), parsley, white wine vinegar, black pepper AND cod liver oil from the can instead of olive oil. It tastes very good. I also started adding other cooked seafood to my salad. I just love this product!
TerriMount Liberty, OH