King Oscar in Extra Virgin Olive Oil Sardines, 15 Ounce

Wild-caught, wood-smoked, hand-packed and a natural source of omega-3s.

Quick facts

  • Among the smallest fish used for sardines, our brisling are world-famous for their dainty size, delicate texture, light flavor, and consistent quality.
  • Kosher Gluten Free
  • 100% wild-caught when fully mature at just 9.0cm to 13.5cm long, using eco-friendly fishing methods in the pristine, icy Norwegian fjords and coastal waters of Norway
  • Packed in BPA-free, recyclable aluminum cans
  • Ingredients: Brisling sardines, olive oil, salt.

Top reviews


I use this product on my dogs it gives them the great Omega fatty acids. Try this on your dogs they will love it.
GeorgeannaWilsall, MT

So delicate & buttery…YUM!

I was rummaging through our kitchen’s lazy-susan-corner-cabinet, looking for something quick, easy & “of substance” to eat and noticed 1 lone pack, so I decided to try it. My mother-in-law must’ve bought it, ’cause I’ve never seen the brand before.

Ingredients are: Brisling Sardines, extra virgin olive oil, garlic powder, black olives & red bell pepper. I’ve had some history of eating sardines so I knew what to expect…or so I thought.

Opened the can and immediately, I was pleasantly surpised = no outstanding fishy smell.

I started eating and man, oh man, I had never had sardines like these before! They are so delicate & buttery with the perfect amount of saltiness. Yum, yum and yum. So much so, I wanted to look this up in Amazon and write a review. I’ll be buying more right this very second!

ArtLinkwood, MD

Good but not cheap

I get these cans at Publix for $2.59 each. At Walmart for less. The only time I’ll buy at $3.68 is when supermarkets stop carrying. Nonetheless, these are the best sardines in a can you’ll ever taste, bar none. Brisling is the word for great taste and good health.
CarlettaMc Kenzie, AL

Elegant Product

I have been eating King Oscar products like sardines and kippered herring for at least 50 years. Made in Norway, they are high quality products and I cannot remember ever being disappointed. These sardines are small sardines, packed in two layers with the tails in the middle, alternating directions. That makes them a pleasure to look at in the can. They are smoked and packed in good Olive Oil, too. If one likes sardines, they are pretty good stuff. My only problem with them is that the can runs out before I want to be through eating and sometimes there seem to be a shortage of this brand.
YolandeBirds Landing, CA

Great sardines and source of omega 3s

Was delicious as always. Sardines are the way I like to get my omega-3s — real fish is the most reliable source and small fish have the least contaminants. If you like fish, it goes well with toast, in omelets, in salads, or straight from the tin. King Oscar has both a lighter fish taste and a lighter smoke taste than other top brands, but is more delicate, i.e., breaks apart due to its light texture.
WillieKevil, KY

Best Sardines!!!

King Oscar excelled with this particular product. Equal in quality and buttery taste with the Cannery Row Sardines Monterey California. Highly recommended.
PatriciaNewberry Springs, CA

OMG these are the Bomb!!

I finally got to try a tin of these today and wow, what a treat! The only other King Oscar ones I’ve tried are the Brisling sardines in spring water and those are real good too. Something about sardines in olive oil, it’s like they were made for each other. The two compliment each other sooo well.
AngieCanton, IL

Great Sardines !!!

There really is a difference in the quality of canned sardines and I didn’t realize it until I bought King Oscar (double layer) brand from Amazon. They are delicious, especially when I put one on a cracker, add sweet & spicy mustard on the top and eat one after the other!!! Not everyone likes sardines, but if you do, then try these. They are so worth it. I love them. P.S. Don’t forget the spicy mustard!!!
LeisaBangs, TX