Kinnikinnick Crumbs – Graham Style Gluten Free, 10.5-Ounce

Kinnikinnick® Foods Graham Style Crumbs. Gluten free. Has Never Tasted So Good®. Lab tested Gluten Free™. R5 certified <5PPM. Casein free. Dairy Free™. Lactose free. Peanut free. Nut Free™. Tree nut free.

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  • Gluten Free has never tasted so good
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Top reviews

Excellent taste!

The first time I used the Kinnikinnick Graham Style crumbs, I was very pleasantly surprised to find that they made an excellent pie crust that tasted just as good as regular graham cracker crumbs. I served the pie to members of my family and never told them that the crust was wheat-free. They loved it and couldn’t tell the difference from a regular graham cracker crust. This is a great wheat and gluten-free alternative that I will use again and again.
GearldineEdwards, IL

These Graham style crumbs have STYLE!

So last night I made a key lime pie with a graham cracker crust. I served it to my non-gf significant other, and guess what? He had no idea it was gluten free. And guess what else? He ate the ENTIRE PIE!!! The crust was delicious – perfect taste, perfect texture, in a word: perfect. It’s hard to find these on the store shelves where I live, and they appear to be out of stock frequently on Amazon…frustrating for a constantly-cooking woman like me. I’m picky about gluten free foods, and honestly there are other Kinnikinnick gf products I truly despise. These, however, will become a staple on my shelf – the Graham Style Crumbs with STYLE!
YuetteDelmar, IA


My best friend has Celiacs disease and when she heard I was making cupcakes she challenged me to make Gluten Free cupcakes. One of my most popular flavors is my S’mores. I am so impressed with this stuff! I tasted it before I used it in my cupcakes and couldn’t taste any difference from regular graham cracker crumbs. I highly recommend these for any recipe that calls for it.
VellaReedsburg, WI

Tastes like the real thing!

This is great for graham cracker crust. I made a cheesecake, and my gluten eating husband raved about it! Can’t wait to make another pie with it.
IreneNew Trenton, IN

Love this product

Taste like the real thing! I made a Cheesecake for Thanksgiving and not one person knew the crust wasn’t real Graham Cracker Crumbs. Thank you Kinnikinnick!!
EsperanzaHigbee, MO

Worked great in regular recipes

We used these crumbs to make pie crusts for Thanksgiving. The results were excellent! Taste and texture were just like regular graham cracker crumbs. We were able to make 2 no-bake crusts from one box, making them cost-effective as well.
VeronicaWilliamsville, VT

Love this!

I love these crumbs. I use them for crusts for cheesecakes and for desserts and everyone comments on how great it tastes. I have to eat gluten free and these are wonderful!
KeshiaClinton, WI

Great Gluten Free alternative to Graham Cracker crumbles

These are a tasty Gluten Free alternative to standard Graham Cracker crumbles. If you need a graham cracker crust – ideal!
WanMagness, AR

Did not work for me

Full disclosure – I never tried using other crumbs, so maybe it is not about these ones in particular… But I used the whole box trying to figure out how to make it work, and it did not turn out fine a single time. I tried the recipe on the box, googled other approaches, used liquid/soft butter, prebaking/no prebaking but still the pie crust came out rock solid and did not get out of the pan. So it seems like it’s easier to make the pie crust from scratch.
DorathyEarlton, NY