KIRKLAND Signature Chocolates of the World in Assortment Jar, 2 lb.

Assortment includes premium quality milk and dark chocolates from Belgium, Germany, Mexico, Canada, USA, Ireland, Switzerland, and France.Chocolates of the World Premium Quality Chocolate Holiday Assortment.

Quick facts

  • A delicious assortment of chocolates from around the world
  • 2 pounds approximately 46 individually wrapped pieces of chocolate candy
  • Chocolates of the World Premium Quality Chocolate Holiday Assortment

Top reviews

An assortment of delectable confections

I found these chocolates at Cosco, and they were selling for $10. So I bought a jar of them to hand out to a class of kids. When I got home, I tried one, and my tastebuds were instantly lavished with a sense of luxuriance. As I indulged on all nine of the assortment’s palatial flavors, I languished over the thought that such delights would only be ingested lackadaisically by the likes of children, who would care not for the intricacies of their opulent sapor; so I ate them all myself.
AltaMarshall, IN

Just dreadful!

I love chocolate and have had some of the best. I feel pretty naive to believe I could have gotten anything like that for $17 for 2 pounds. These were old and waxy. They were white with age, the dark chocolate that is, and just awful. I took a bite of a couple different kinds and they all were not edible in my opinion. Even ghiardelli is better than these!
ZoeUnion Church, MS

Kirkland chocolates

I ordered these chocolates as a Birthday gift and have been told that they arrived on time but were damaged due to Florida climate and transport . However , after contacting Kirkland I was refunded without any hassle and customer service was prompt and professional.
KhalilahShirley Mills, ME

Outstanding assortment of European chocolates

There are eight (I think) different chocolate candies in the assortment; each separately wrapped; milk and dark; from Italy, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Canada, and Belgium. Bella Italia, Swiss Delice Rotondini; Guddrun (Belgium); Bombones; … Also available at COSTCO. And my container from last year now contains a couple of pounds of besan.
KathernBurns, OR


Until this year, these chocolates were the best. Kirkland (Costco) has substitutes most of the chocolates with cheaper chocolates. These are not gourmet chocolates anymore. I won’t be buying these anymore. The countries listed need to be revised. United States is now one of the chocolate producers. I’m guessing they are the cheaper, less tasty ones. Oddly, Switzerland chocolates are last on the list, or the least amount you will get.
P.S. These are only $9.99 at Costco.
MollyLa Motte, IA

didn’t like most of the chocolates in it

really wanted to like this product. and bavarian chocolate is supposed to be very good. but my parents, spouse, and i all do not like most of these chocolates. if you like dark chocolate you may like this selection of chocolates better than we did. all of the chocolates were filled with something that was usually part chocolate and part something else, such as peanut butter or coffee flavored or dark chocolate cream.
IzettaBeason, IL

Good chocolate, but much cheaper at costco

Most of these chocolates are very tasty and not overly sweet. I especially enjoyed the green wrapped one, the peanut butter, and the caramel ones. I bought it at costco for $11.99.
OkKerrick, MN

Good product

It was a gift and they say they like it. I’m from Spain so I was looking for something Spanish related and I happy I found this!
HortenseLancaster, TN

A LOT of really good chocolate!

This is a really big jug of chocolates!
We distributed them into at least half a dozen Christmas gift baskets and still had a few leftover to sample!

All of the chocolates we tried were lovely, fresh, and of very high quality. The wrappers were beautiful, shiny foil in shades of blue, green, red, silver, and gold.

The only down side is that some are not labeled at all, and some have very minimal labeling. It would be nice if the package included a “key” of some sort, and if you’re buying for a picky eater or someone with food allergies, this could be a risky pick.

The flavors we tasted were all subtle and delicious, though, and included:
-very dark chocolate with light, crispy chocolate nibs
-a smooth, lighter chocolate with a creamy hazelnut filling
-a maple chocolate – better than you would think, without an overpowering maple flavor
-a creamy, chocolate-covered caramel
-a smooth, mild peanut butter truffle

All in all, there were about 70 large-sized, beautifully wrapped candies, and not a single one we didn’t like. They are an amazing treat, as long as you don’t mind the surprise of not knowing which flavor you might unwrap!

ConnieStar City, IN

Drastic Price Increase

Plenty has been said about how delicious Kirkland Premium Choolates are; and I fully agree. However-I question the drastic price increase from $19.99- in Dec. to $49.99 in Feb.! Aside from the increase being ridiculous and disappointing-I had to check around to be sure I wasn’t hallucinating! What caused this, besides obvious greed, to me. I won’t be ordering them anytime soon,nor for a very, very long time at this price![They may be being sold by a private party…now; originally purchased thru Amazon].
PatriciaDurand, WI


I ordered three of these as gifts, I decided to try some out of one container, the chocolates were dried out, with powdery white on the outside, so hard and disgusting inside, I actually spit them out. They shouldn’t be sold.
JarrodWesthampton, NY

“only one left!”

Love it, love it!! What a great, inexpensive gift to send. Well packed, individually wrapped candy, candy from all over the world…very impressive gift for that amount of money. I would send again! One recipient of the chocolates said, by the time she called me to thank me for the gift, there was only one left!!! WOW!
LynettaPinehurst, NC

Mmmm… chocolate

Santa had been waiting for the local Costco, who normally carries Kirkland products, to offer this in store. His time was short and then this appeared on Amazon. My wife has been pleasantly please with the chocolates, taste good, does not care for the ones with the odd filling. Keep it to caramel and chocolate, truffle like.
ChristiFlemington, MO


I bought these only because of the Kirkland Signature series of other items I have purchased already and They are better than expected. Full size pieces all wrapped individually and delicious flavors from around the world all REAL CHOCOLATE TOO
and quite a bit in this handy container. I just knew when purchasing these that they had to be good keeping up with the Kirkland Signature name. This is a name I trust completely. and these looked interesting so I purchased them. I am so pleased with them and every one that had some says the same thing.I will purchase these again they are delicious. You won’t be disappointed in these chocolates and you can proudly present them out on a plate all wrapped up each one these are just great!!!!!!
all I can say is ENJOY!!!!!ENJOY!!!!!!!!!ENJOY!!!!!!!
AracelyPottstown, PA

Bought as a gift but then I got a chocolate craving….

There was no chocolate in the house except that jar so I decided to open it up and try one, 5 days later I’m down to half a jar. They are all exceptional except the small caramel. That one is just good. I have been passing some around at work and my coworkers(Take away the temptation to eat the whole jar) a few have vowed to run to Costco to buy this. I’m going back there next week to buy some more it is a great gift to give.
CythiaPalmer, AK

Lot of compliments for this gift

We received a lot of compliments from those we sent this gift to. They said they had a lot of fun comparing chocolate flavors of the different countries.
JanaHiddenite, NC


I purchased this tin for myself and family members – we all think this is the BEST chocolate we have ever tasted infact, I am addicted to it. The tin is huge and there are a ton of pieces in it. I bought mine for $15 and if you can get it for around that, it’s a steal. Wait til they go on sale if it’s more than that. Came on time and they are soo good!
ShalaArcola, MS

Great Candy-Rip off Price

I too had these from Costco and they are fantastic. But I paid less than $15 for the big jar. I can’t believe these places are charging $50. They are good, but not THAT good unless you have $$$ to burn.
AmandaCashion, AZ


I got this box of chocolates for my boyfriend for valentines day this year. I gave it to him early and he LOVES it. He is a true chocolate lover and i didnt want to get him the generic chocolate from the grocery store. So i came to amazon and found these and i am so glad i did. He just cant stop eating them! Def. a good buy for any chocolate lover!
GladyPort William, OH


I thought the big jar would last me a few weeks, but they’re sooooo good, I couldn’t stop eating them. I think I’ll buy them for a gift next time, since I can’t be trusted to eat them in moderation.
AugustaGreenwood, ME

Kirkland Chocolates

bought these chocolates for my chocoholic husband and there was no bad reviews from him, said all of the chocolates had really good flavor and in his opinion…wasnt enough in the jar! i will order this again, if i dont HE will!
DavisPort Angeles, WA

A very tasty selection of chocolates – YUMM!!!

This a very nice selection of chocolates from all over the world. There are 8 different types of candy in the jar (I am attaching a photo shows 4 of them which are representative). They look attractive and taste great! Most candies are rich milk chocolate with differently flavored ganache inside the hard chocolate shell. Several of them have the rich chocolate ganache infused bit of different nuts. My favorites are the ones that use hazelnut. One of candies has ganache which has has a nice coffee flavor, another has a strong peanut flavor.

Even though normally I prefer dark chocolate, I found that I really like this collection of chocolates and bought this jar many times at a local Costco store. Costo prices this jar at 9.99 and brings out in the fall. This jar makes a nice option for Halloween and a nice yet inexpensive present at Christmas. I have used this jar at Yankee swap at work, and it was a big hit!

Ali Julia review

BarneyKarlsruhe, ND