Kirkland Signature European Cookies with Belgian Chocolate, 49.4 Ounce

European Cookies with Belgian Chocolate Gift Tin. 49.4 Ounces of delicious European Cookies with Belgian Chocolate. great for any time at all.

Quick facts

  • 15 exquisite Belgian Chocolate covered Gourmet Biscuits cookies

Top reviews

Inaccurate ingredient label inside

Our family received the EUROPEAN COOKIES with Belgian Chocolate (Item 181679)as a holiday gift. They were left in the tin and served to our guest at a family dinner party. The guest trying them noted that they were extremely rich and some commented favorably on the taste. My daughter, who has severe allergies wanted to try
one, but knowing that she is allergic to nuts, carefully read the label on the inside of the tin top that
displayed all the varieties. She chose the “Creme Melody” because it was described as white chocolate over creme wafer. After taking a test bite, she was okay, so she ate the entire cookie. Minutes later she became
extremely ill and had to be rushed to the hospital by ambulance. The trama it caused our family is unbelievable, but we thank God she lived and would not want anyone else who has nut allergies to try this product.
MosePetersburg, NY

Delicious Cookies, But Way Overpriced

Every year we pick up several tins of these cookies to give as Christmas gifts. This is a large tin which features a nice variety of cookies covered in both white and dark chocolate. I especially love the taste of the white Belgian chocolate coupled with the cookies.

Yummy cookies, but these are way overpriced here. Last year around Christmas time we purchased approximately ten tins of these cookies at our local Costco and they only cost us $10 per tin, so please check prices locally before purchasing them here.

CatheySaint Henry, OH


If you haven’t tried these then you’re missing out. These chocolate covered cookies truly melt in your mouth and have none of the “waxy” phoney kind of taste you can get with cheap chocolate treats.
MerilynNeillsville, WI

Awesome Cookies!!

I received these as a Christmas gift. I opened them New Years Eve and I am online looking for more! They are incredibly delicious. Sumptuous white, dark and milk Belgian chocolate covered shortbreads, wafers and biscuits. To me, worth the price. Grab a cup of coffee relax and open this tin of cookies and enjoy!!
KaleyHaverhill, NH

Great cookies!

My favorite cookies! Available on other websites and at Costco for 1/3 of the price listed here though. May be worth every penny, but why pay more when you don’t have to?
PhylisShuqualak, MS


These are truly decadent cookies. Every year a vendor brings them to our office and they are devoured quickly! Awesome product…will not dissapoint.
EllenWaubay, SD

SO delicious

These are soooooo good. And I don’t even like chocolate that much! I’m not a huge sweet tooth, so everytime I eat sweets it’s usually a little at a time. Not these.. I’m sitting here thinking if I should order a box for myself.. lol
KatherynLeona, TX


These are to good to be true!!! The quality of the chocolate on the various types of cookies is fantastic. I have never had better chocolate covered cookies than these and this is a large amount of cookies also these have great flavor,textures,and a pleasure to serve to your guests at any time , believe me your guests will love them as we do. These can’t be beat in my books. Especially the variety of types of cookies and the variety of sizes too.
This is just fantastic. You will love these I promise!
Don’t wait get yours now while they are in stock!!!!!!!!!!
RandyLewis, IA


I wasn’t sure what to expect with these cookies or the company and they both exceeded my expectations, which I have to say are pretty high. I got these cookies in only a few days and they are so incredible that I just ordered another box. Great for gifts and the holidays.
DelmyBriarcliff Manor, NY

Excellent, high quality cookies!

Excellent quality on these cookies. Both the wafer/shortbread part and the chocolate are top-notch. I have been to England and have had biscuits (what they call cookies there), and these are of similar quality to high end ones bought there. One word of warning: as they are covered in real chocolate without added wax and other junk, they melt onto your fingers while holding them rather quickly, so little kids will likely make a bit of a mess when they eat them.
LoreneRuther Glen, VA

Very good cookies. Would order them again.

The product itself is very good. It did come somewhat melted into each other. This is understandable because of the distance tne box has to travel. I wish there was some way this can be improved. However, I would still order the product again.
CharlynAlix, AR

None Better

Received our first Tin for Christmas – found it so good – excellent variety – that I purchased another as
a gift for a friend in Japan. Her comment – Fantastic!
SherellGreat Bend, KS

Very nice cookies

These cookies are excellent and deserve the 5 star rating that I and most other reviewers have given them.

However, to me they’re not quite as good as the European Chocolate Cookie Tin Assortment which I have also reviewed and given a 5 star rating to.

In any event, those who have enjoyed these cookies might want to try this other assortment also:

YukikoIncline Village, NV

Present from Russia to USA

It was a wonderful present for my children, who live in USA, but I live in Russia. I did not see this Cookies.
KandyBelmont, NC

Best Store Bought Cookies Out There

I first had one of these cookies at work where we were given a box to share. After trying a cookie (well actually a few cookies) I decided I had to find out the brand and try to locate them for myself. I found them on Amazon and purchased 2 boxes, these come with 2 layers so during the holidays I separated them and took to different functions. Everywhere they traveled with me, they received rave reviews. These are a very rich European chocolate. I will continue to purchase these cookies as long as I can get them. My family also had fun trying all 15 varieties – one right after the other!
RodrigoFoster, RI


I received this tin of cookies as a “white elephant gift”. These cookies are sooooo good. I had to go online to see where I could order more. You can’t eat just one, the belgian chocolate is awesome.
KandraFrench Village, MO


That one word was heard over and over as everyone that sampled a cookie form the tin was very pleased with what they tried. They kept coming back and at the end of the day most were gone. I have continued to purchase the same product year after year and everyone looks forward to it arriving.
RamonJerusalem, AR

great gift

I bought these cookies as a holiday gift. The cookie were fresh tasting. They were a hit. I highly recommend
BuenaWilburton, OK

European Cookies with Belgian Chocolate

I bought several tins of these as Christmas gifts, plus one tin for ourselves. They are excellent cookies, and totally irresistible. All our friends who received them thought they were wonderful. It’s a good thing I only indulge in these during the holidays, as they are almost too good!
DonaldMontreat, NC

Keep these away from me!

I really wish these cookies weren’t so good! Once you eat one, you want another. You want to try all the different kinds. This is not your typical out-of-a-tin cookie.The “belgian” marbled white and milk chocolate on the cookies make them incredibly delectable. Nothing dry or boring here. I am trying to stay away from this shiny red box this year! Note that recipients will see the word “Kirkland” and may know it’s made by the Sam’s club people. But once they taste the cookies, they won’t care!
ShanaEglon, WV