Kirkland Signature Pure Sea Salt, 30 Ounce

Harvested from the pristine waters of Brazil’s northern coast. This sea salt is 100% natural.

Quick facts

  • Harvested from the pristine waters of Brazil’s northern coast
  • 100% Natural
  • 30 oz Pure Sea Salt

Top reviews

Great Taste, Terrible Packaging – Warning!

This is my first foods review and it comes out of disappointment and anger. I bought two Kirkland 30oz. containers of “Pure Sea Salt” and “Coarse Ground Malabar Black Pepper.” Both have contributed to a number of my dishes. However, there is a price to pay once you screw off the cap and pour.

It seems that Kirkland may not have engineered the twist off caps to correct diameter specifications for the plastic containers they twist onto.

Warning when twisting off these Kirkland caps, they might pull the plastic top off that’s meant to filter the seasoning through holes which give a controlled sprinkling effect. Instead, on numerous occassions, I’ve had the unpleasant experience of taking off the cap and pouring, then realizing too late that my dish is covered in mounds of Kirkland’s signature seasoning. The phantom plastic I found stuck to the inner top of the cap, laughing at me.

The first time I thought, silly me, I’ve put too much pressure on the cap when twisting and look at this mess. I felt I could laugh along with the phantom plastic. The fourth time, when it happened with the salt instead of the pepper I cursed Kirkland and felt the phantom cap was definitely laughing at me, not with me. The good news is that regardless of the amount you overpour, you’ll still have plenty of seasoning left to make the mistake a few times more. Don’t do what I did and say you’ll be more careful next time, it ain’t you its the laughing cap.

So I recommend if you’ve already purchased this product that you transfer the seasoning into a more trustworthy container that’ll pour out without causing you to be laughed at and begin cursing Kirkland. Hopefully it won’t take you more than two occurrences to remedy the defect. If by chance a Kirkland representative reads this review, please pass this discovery on so that just maybe your Research & Development folks will come up with something more……….user friendly! That is if the R&D department isn’t too busy trying to catch their breath after laughing at us consumers.

(Great Seasoning Plus Bad Packaging Equals Inedible Dishes)

Thanks for letting me vent Amazon.

BritniSunshine, LA

The best sea salt!

I LOVE this sea salt, I purchased several bottles of it to keep in my storage. I use it daily in my cooking and have loved it from the beginning. Highly recommend this product, love everything about it. The crisp salt taste, the wonderful storage bottle. The price through this vendor was steep though compared to the actual price in-house at Costco though!
SophieErie, PA