KISSES Chocolates

Founded over 120 years ago by the first American to develop a formula for manufacturing milk chocolate, the Hershey’s brand creates delicious candies that are known and enjoyed by millions around the world. Scrumptious milk chocolate KISSES Candies are the sweet anytime treat that can go anywhere. They are perfect for crowd-pleasing candy dishes, party favors, and special events–or just enjoying on your own. Kosher and gluten-free, KISSES Chocolates have been a favorite American treat since 1907. These candies come wrapped in the classic silver foil with the iconic plume and can add a festive touch to any day. This product ships as 19.75-ounce bags in a pack of 3.

Quick facts

  • Great for crowd-pleasing candy dishes and party favors
  • Milk chocolate candies
  • Individually wrapped in silver foils
  • A kosher and gluten-free chocolate candy
  • Includes 3 bags of Kisses Milk Chocolate (19.75-Ounce bags)

Top reviews


My grandmother had a jar of these out at all times. When I came over, the only thing left was a graveyard of aluminum wrappers and the trademark paper.

This is a wonderful and affordable way to get the Hershey chocolate experience. If you enjoy them in warm(not hot) climates, they are great. In hot climates, they lose there integrity and become a bit too soft. In cold climates, they become the dreaded Hershey’s “plastic”, a dark looking thing which is not very rich or creamy. Hershey’s was always an affordable brand and never meant to be premium. If you long for the Swiss chocolate experience, then there are better choices.

For dieters, these MIGHT be perfect; put them in a jar and take one at a time, a few per day. For some of us(read: all of us), that’s a tall order.

FeliciaRockland, ME

A LOT of candy!(is that good or bad?)

It’s no secret that Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Kisses are great… Heck, I’ve never really come across a bad Hershey’s product. I ordered these kisses with confidence and I wasn’t disappointed. I wasn’t however, prepared for the sheer amount of candy this was. Sure, you have all the details one needs to make an informed purchase, but come on who really calculates the exact number(math mumbo jumbo amiright?)? I munched on this candy for 6 months(lol I don’t share) before finishing… I probably wouldn’t buy again(Not a fault of the product). However, it was a wild ride to chocolate heaven(even if I stayed far to long).
LoganLaramie, WY

Kisses were a big hit

I bought the bundle pack which consisted of 3 – 19.5 oz bags of Hershey’s Kisses. I put out 2 bags for everyone and saved the last one for me and a few special friends. I’ll be doing the same thing at Christmas at work.
BettyannWatkinsville, GA

extremely well packaged in ice packs for preservation of quality…much appreciated

this came as a surprise in the quality of packaging preserving the integrity of the product….i was amazed at how well thought out the packaging was….thanks
CorettaOlustee, OK

Hershey’s Kisses are delicious.

Hershey’s kisses arrived undamaged and they were fresh and no blooming. I was worried that the chocolate might have bloomed but no, so I would order them again. Must have my chocolate fix!!
PeterBaxter Springs, KS


I love Kisses and these are a lot of Kisses. Satisfies my daily dose of chocolate without being too much.
LaunaBruni, TX


This is my all time favorite chocolate candy! Smooth and creamy, milk chocolate kisses, from Hershey! I highly recommend these! This is also one of my little nephew’s favorite chocolate’s, he is going to be a chocolate lover just like me!
MerrillHampton, IL

Great Hershey’s Chocolates

These were typical Hershey kisses and were delivered quickly and in a carton that contained cold packs to preserve the product. Would order again (and may) except my wife feels that if they are around the house she will be tempted to eat them and she doesn’t want to be tempted.
LouieMillington, NJ