Kitchen Basics Real Chicken Stock, 32 Ounce

Since 1889, McCormick has been the Company to turn to for flavor expertise. Today the world relies on our treasured consumer brands, trusted ingredients and culinary know-how. Consumers, retail outlets, food manufacturers and food service businesses all depend on our spices, seasonings and flavorings. McCormick is so prevalent throughout the food industry that it’s very likely you enjoy the taste of McCormick every day.

Quick facts

  • A central ingredient for soups, sauces and marinades or use it to flavor vegetables, potatoes and rice dishes

Top reviews

The best “stock” I’ve found in the grocery store

I have been on a soup-making kick for awhile now, and while I much prefer to make my own chicken stock, I do it so rarely that it turns directly into chicken soup. So I bought various chicken stocks, mostly organic, and really started to notice a difference in the resulting soups. I began to pay more attention to the stocks I was using: color, saltiness, depth. Kitchen Basics is the hands-down winner and I cannot use anything else now. It’s not bright, scary yellow, but a darker, deeper color. The flavor and smell really does come across as natural, and it’s not really salty tasting.

I did put “stock” in quotes only because I’m still confused about it being stock if it doesn’t have that gelatinous texture when it cools, but I do not know of any stock you can purchase that has that. If anyone does, please share!

AlexisFisher, WV