Kitchens Of India Puddings, Pumpkin And Milk, 8.8-Ounce Boxes

Kitchens of India is so much more than just a delicious meal. It entices your taste buds on a mystical voyage through the legacy of authentic Indian gourmet cuisine. Kitchens of India products encompass ancient recipes of India safeguarded and passed down from generation to generation by royal cooks of the Maharajas, capturing the elements of a time when every meal was treated as a grand celebration. With Kitchens of India, the traditional culinary lineage of Indian food has been further perfected by Master Chefs of India`s prestigious ITC hotels – with passion and an eye for detail to deliver nothing short of an enchanting experience. But that`s not all. Our delectable treats are crafted with 100% natural ingredients and are completely preservative free. The age old cooking techniques used by our Master Chefs add a unique taste that captures the essence of a meal that is nothing short of a royal Indian treat.

Quick facts

  • Grated white pumpkin simmered to perfection in milk
  • Shelf stable, keeps fresh for over a year
  • Ready to eat dishe selected from the authentic Indian recipes of ITC gourmet restaurants
  • The convenient way to sample the delicacies of India at home
  • Made in India

Top reviews

Love it!

When you love Indian food, but don’t have the time to cook it, Kitchens of India is a really great alternative. I have yet to be disappointed in one of their dishes and this one is no exception.
KerenCameron, AZ

very good, if you know how to mix it

I read all the reviews and decided I did not want to eat all the calories and fat in one setting (seriously, each package is so small i think I can finish it in 4 or 5 bites). So I looked around the house for something I can mix this with, and then it hit me, oatmeal. I had some McCann’s steel cut oatmeal. I mixed 1 and half cup of dry oatmeal, cooked it first for around half an hour. When it’s ready, I threw in the pudding. The result was FANTASTIC, it was not overly sweet and had plenty of flavor, not to mention, the pudding just got 10 times healthier because the oatmeal is high fiber and low calories. Perfect for breakfast.

In addition to oatmeal, I can think of several other things that you might consider mixing this pudding with. Cake mix (then bake the cake, of course), rice congee (add a variety of beans for even more flavor), and pumpkin pie. Just be creative and dont eat this by itself, the flavor would so sweet and rich that it would make you sick. For your reference, each package contains 2 servings, each serving has 51% of your daily fat intake (based on 2000 calorie diet), and 51 grams of sugar (20% of your carb intake), and 570 calories.

DeonMilam, TX

Excellent Taste, But Extremely Sweet

There is so much sugar in this that I can’t stand to eat it. It’s a shame, because the flavor of the pumpkin is extraordinarily good. Why ruin it with so much sugar? If they ever change the recipe and cut the sugar way down, I’d buy it again in a heartbeat.
ShanonRio Medina, TX

Too sweet, gritty

This is definitely an indulgence item. I don’t mind the calories (over 500 a serving) if the product is good, but I find this product way too sweet for my taste. I was overwhelmed by the sweetness and could not really get much of the pumpkin flavor or any flavor other than sweet. There was a grittiness to the texture that I did not enjoy. It is probably the sugar granules, but it would not dissolve or go away even when the product was heated. It felt like I was biting on sand pieces. When heated (particularly in the microwave), the oil will separate from the solid parts so you have to spend a couple of minutes mixing it back in, or you can try to pour it off and save on the calories a bit.
NikoleNew Martinsville, WV

Excellent … very rich!

This is very very yummy. The only reason I give it a 4 stars is that it is very rich … 500 calories. If you don’t care for calories, give it a try!
ChloeGallipolis, OH

Didn’t Finish A Single Serving

I really like Kitchens of India’s curries, I have a sweet tooth and I generally like recipes made with pumpkin so thought this “pudding” would be great. I wish I could have tried it before buying a six pack. It does have an appealing taste but it was far too sweet to finish, even though I am used to Indian “sweets.” Like other reviewers, I also found it to have lots of sugar “grit” and an excessive amount of oil that separates when heated. It was so rich and oily that I didn’t even want to finish it. Each pouch actually has two servings and each serving has 570 calories, over 50% of the daily recommended value of fat and 61g of carbohydrates… in one 1/2 cup serving! I think I will just stick with Kitchens of India curries and look for dessert elsewhere.
BerniceTrout Dale, VA

Poor Pumpkin… Overwhelmed by Oil and Sugar

I know that Indian desserts are traditionally very sweet (I’ve eaten my share of them), but this is a case where Kitchens of India could have and should have opted for less traditional. The pumpkin in this dessert is good, but it’s so hard to actually sense the flavor because of the overwhelming oil and sugar (so dense that it’s gritty still). I can’t really recommend this product to others except for curiosity — you could very easily make your own pumpkin “pudding” dessert that is much more palatable and satisfying.

And my gosh, the calories & fat content – ouch! It’s so hard to imagine those numbers are real, but the nutrition you see listed here on Amazon is exactly the same as on the individual packages. The only hope is to mix it in with something else that is very light (in calories & fat) to make a much larger dessert.

AlexaChester, IA


This product is way too sweet. I diluted with half milk and there are still chunks of sugar and it’s syrupy sweet. Even my husband who enjoys spoonfuls of maple syrup thinks it’s too sweet.
CarminaCarbondale, CO

Does not look like photo – except for the oil

Cooked via microwave. Product was a darker color, tasted like burnt brown sugar, was horribly sweet & then there was the oil. I didn’t think eating oil was tasty under the circumstances. I looked at the photo on the box – & there was the shimmering oil.
Looking at the back of the box you are shocked by the number of calories & fat.
This product is nasty.
ExieBasco, IL

Yumm, Yumm

Anything good in life is either illegal, immoral or fattening. This is great tasting food. But my wife had a fit seeing the fat content .. 51%. With the six packs of puddings, you will receive six CDs of Indian Classical music maestros, 3 are repeats for me i.e. 3*2. You will also forgo any thoughts of building 6 packs for yourself. I am waiting to get the CDs of Amjad Ali which I hope to get from the Pulao and thus have the complete 4 CD collection.
AnnamariaOrleans, NE


This tasted good, however it’s extremely greasy. Also very filling. I suggest you drain some of the oil off.
DoriaWesthampton, NY