Knorr Fix hunter schnitzel

Classic Schnitzel! Fresh mushrooms, onions, ham and parsley in a delicious sauce.

Quick facts

  • fresh and direct from Germany
  • German produkt
  • (Pack of 4)
  • Knorr Fix Jäger-Schnitzel

Top reviews

i love this stuff

I just love Knorr Hunter Schnitzel Mix. I find it very hard to find in grocery stores. The pork cutlets you make with it are also a little hard to find, but on the West Coast Trader Joe’s has them. If people knew what schnitzel really is, and how easy it is to make fabulous schnitzel with this mix, I’m sure every store would carry it in their foreign foods section. It’s especially good for days when you are pressed for time, or dead beat and you want to make an extra good meal, or if you have company coming. I like to serve it with a little spaetzle, though the more authentic way is with roasted potatoes and a little Rot Kohl. Now if I could only find some great ready-made spaetzle for those busy days. The instructions are in German, which is not really that hard to read, but if you need help, Google translate does a fine job. There is an American version of this mix, but I don’t live in Pennsylvania, so I was delighted to be able to get it quick and fresh over the internet.
CesarCotopaxi, CO