Knorr Pasta Sides, Beef 4.3 oz

Lipton has joined Knorr, the flavor experts, to bring you a range of new and exciting food ideas. All of the Lipton Side Dishes now carry the Knorr name and will continue to have the same great taste and quality that you know and love.

Quick facts

  • Pack of twelve, 4.3-ounce packages of Knorr Beef Pasta Sides
  • Fettuccini pasta in a savory beef and onion-flavored sauce
  • Quick and easy to prepare on the stove top or microwave
  • Zero trans fat per serving
  • Perfect as a stand alone side dish or used in a recipe

Top reviews

Sticky brown sludge

Length:: 0:30 Mins

Based on the microwave method.

This side dish is very easy to prepare, and takes only 10 minutes. All you need to add is water and maybe a tablespoon of margarine.

Taste wise, it’s fine – even comforting on a cold or rainy day, but be warned that it looks NOTHING like the picture on the packet, which was taken of a professional pasta model with full make-up and airbrushed to boot.

Sorry to say it, but the finished product actually looks like a bowl of sticky brown sludge, with the consistency of swamp mud.

Kids will probably love it for the above reasons, but please don’t go serving this when your boss is coming to dinner.

Amanda Richards, October 12, 2007

TinaKahului, HI

Finally, Beef Pasta

After looking at every store in our area and finally finding it on the internet on!
Love love love these noodles. I cook up some ground chuck and combine them with the Beef Noodles making what we call stroganoff.
Never have had a problem with them and am on the auto reorder for every 6 months.

Thank you

MadelynOmar, WV

“Brown Noodles Rock”

My 6-year old son only knows these as “brown noodles”. We absolutely love them. Only takes 7 minutes to make with boiling water & add a little butter.

Same price as what we pay at the local grocery store as long as it’s free shipping. We’ll continue to buy. Enjoy!

MargeneArcanum, OH

Knorr Beef Noodles

My family always enjoyed this food item. So easy to use with great quality taste. Our local stores stop carrying this item and recently purchased 3 cases that was given as Christmas gifts to my girls. They were more excited to get this than any other items. Getting a case will last up to a year with no problem in expiring. Will definitely purchase again.
SamLocustville, VA

Knorr’s beef noodles

The noodles were all very broken, but the taste was there. I purchased these because they quit selling them where I live, but I wouldn’t buy them again. They were in such small pieces that you couldn’t eat them with a fork. We had to use spoons.
ToyaHacker Valley, WV


I have been looking for the Beef flavored pasta sides for ages and in every grocery store I have gone into! I am so happy to find them and purchase them on Amazon!
WinstonMarshall, VA

Thanks for the availability

Can’t find this side dish in grocery stores anymore. Beef Noodles from Lipton are the best pasta side they have.
CurtisHolloway, MN

Great stuff!

Thrilled to be able to find the beef noodles as I haven’t seen this particular flavor in stores around here in a long time.
PreciousPetty, TX