Knorr Salat Kronung Dill-Krauter

Knorr dill and herbs salad dressing can be used as a seasoning for cucumber or herbed salad.

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The best salad dressing in the world!

Why it’s not offered in the states, I do not know. Slice your english/hothouse/seedless cucumber super thin and mix a packet of Dill Krauter with three tablespoons of your favorite oil with a tablespoon of water. Let it marinate for an your and you’ll have the best German cucumber salad!
ChelsieEtowah, TN

Knorr Dill Salad spices

Have already responded to this survey.
Very happy with the product, delivery, etc.
Was glad to find the source as the product can only be obtained over seas (not in USA).


GerardSharon, GA

Knorr Dill Salad Dressing

My wife and I brought this home from Germany last year. We love it and it is FANTASTIC in a tuna sandwich!
Knorr does not offer this product in the States – too bad. It’s probably the best salad dressing mix you’ll ever taste.
Mixing instructions are in German, but can be translated on a German/English translation web site – it’s worth it!
Knorr Dill & Herbs Salad Dressing – 5pcs
JoanHitchita, OK

Great salad dressing!

I love this one, not only for cucumber but also tossed salads. Used to get it from a German grocery but postage plus a special handling charge was a bit steep. Glad to have found this offer on Amazon, saves quite a few $$.
CornellWinchester Center, CT

Easiest salad ever!

Take a packet of this Knorr Dill & Herbs Salad Dressing, mix it up with water and oil per the directions, slice up very thin a large cucumber (I like the English seedless ones), add sliced cuke to the dressing, stir well, chill, serve 4-6 servings later. You don’t even have to add vinegar or lemon juice, just oil and water. How easy is that?
MaymeStow, NY

salad dressing with dill

Of all the Knorr salad dressing mixes, this is the one we like best. We make a sliced cucumber and tomato salad and add this dill dressing and it is delicious. It is easy to use, stores well and take a few seconds to make. I am glad to locate where to purchase it because our local stores don’t carry the dill version.
DessieMerrick, NY

Mar Mar

This is wonderful and your guests will love it. I prefer using either the English cucumbers or small pickling cucs to avoid the seeds. A very refreshing side dish.
BeatriceGarciasville, TX

Great taste

This is an excellent product for cucumbers. Wonderful mix of spices and herbs. Enjoyed this mix!! Very easy to use and to mix up. One of our favorites for the table!
MariannWest Lebanon, NH