Knorr Sazon, Coriander & Annatto Kolorao 3.5 oz

Dry Mexican cilantro-achiote (coriander-annatto) seasoning for fish, meat, and poultry

Quick facts

  • Case of eighteen 3.52-ounce boxes, each containing 20 envelopes (total of 63.36 ounces, 360 envelopes)
  • Dry Mexican cilantro-achiote (coriander-annatto)
  • Adds zesty flavoring to any dish, especially fish, meat and poultry
  • Sprinkle on food while preparing
  • Made in Mexico

Top reviews

Love Achiote and this is a convenient form

Funny enough, I used this for dinner last night! We love the Anchiote and coriander flavors. I added some cumin along with two packets of Sazon to thawing chicken breasts. The anchiote turns the chicken a lovely reddish orange color. I dipped the breasts in flour and pan fried them in a dash of oil with green peppers and onions. Hmmmm- good. It reminded us of our favorite cuban/latin restaurant. The packets are easy to use. Just sprinkle it any where which is easier than the “chunks” of anchiote. Thanks, Knorr.
ArnetteMeadow Creek, WV