Knorr Turkish Kafkas Soup with Cabbage and Carrot.

All you have to do is stir it with 5 glass of water untill it is boiled. This delicious soups recipe is originally from Turkey.

Quick facts

  • Knorr Kafkas Corba Lahana ve Havuclu
  • Knorr Kafkas soup with Cabbage and Carrot
  • Yoresel Turk Yemegi
  • Cultural Turkish Food
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Top reviews

Delicious Turkish soup

I live in Turkey and like to try the local soups. This one is a creamy cabage and carrot one. It is really good and easy to make – just add 1 liter of water and cook 10-15 minutes. I can highly recoment it, as it is my favorite of the the Knorr Turkish soups.
JamaalBurbank, WA