Knorr Vegetable Soup Base, Dry, 29.18-Ounce Units

KNORR Ultimate Vegetarian Vegetable Base, combines Onion, carrot and celery to make a base that’s perfect to use in delivering mirepoix flavor. Gives a boost of flavor to chicken and pasta dishes too. This premium, ingredient-first base with no added MSG. Use wherever a rich hearty stock is required.

Quick facts

  • Pack of two, 29.18 ounce unit (total of 58.36 ounce)
  • No trans fat; No added MSG
  • Contains 0.5g fat; 0g sat fat

Top reviews

Great Soup Starter…

…virus and flu have been rampant here since the SPRING. The homefront grew tired of the old Chicken Noodle Soup standby. I needed something I could use to add fresh or frozen veggies and leftovers to make something quick and nutritious. This also is great for making soup from “almost” scratch. It’s good as a veggie broth. It really comes in handy to cook rice instead of using salt for flavoring.

Although a good product the pricing makes a BIG difference,I got it for 26 bucks.

I only gave it 4 STARS due to it’s high sodium content, it is a bit salty – 1 teaspoon = 41% of your DAILY salt intake. The two pack will hold me over for awhile.

TheresaSweet Springs, MO

Knorr Vegetable Soup Base

I love to make stew and soups of all kinds and I use a tablespoon or two of this soup base to add vegetable flavor that I love. I highly recommend this item. I would also love to see Knorr Fix products sold by Amazon:)
CheryWestbrookville, NY