Koma Unwind: Sugar Free – 24 Pack

With all the energy drinks out there it’s time to have something for those crazy and stressful days that leave you wired, de-stress & unwind today with Koma!!

Quick facts

  • Multi-Berry flavored
  • Enhanced with dietary supplements of Melatonin, Milk Thistle and Rose Hips

Top reviews


Been having some issues sleeping… I looked online just searching for sleep remedies and teas, I came across this drink online I ordered a 12 pack. WOW!!! Slept like a rock and no morning sugar hangover, this grape flavored relaxation beverage is the new deal.


TameraMoxahala, OH

This is incredible

This is good stuff. I love to drink it and relax. No hangover next day, nice sleeping. Not sweet.

I drink this now frequent and it is just an incredible product. Will purchase more.

LannySayner, WI

So good!

I love my sleep and nap time. Especially because I work night shift as a nurse. Working nights I have to sleep during the day which is near impossible with the sun beeming on me. With one can of Koma I just knock the hell out. Love this drink. =)
EarleneFromberg, MT

Great Taste & Calming

I was a little skeptical. Plus I’m not a fan of drinking a soda or anything like that before going to bed. But I’ll drink one after work in the evening and it just gets my body ready for bed. All in all, I have been noticing an improved sleep cycle. I think its a big help to relax after a long day.
KatiFarnam, NE