Komforte Chockolates, Ramen Noodle in 53% Dark Chocolate, 2.5-Ounce Bars

All natural, premium chocolate bars made in small batches in Seattle, Washington. Two or more servings per bar.

Quick facts

  • Premium, all natural 55% dark chocolate
  • Crunchy, curly ramen noodle pieces

Top reviews

Not bad, not fab

While at my friendly neighborhood Uwajimaya, I happened upon this freak of nature: the Komforte Chockolates Ramen Noodle bar.

After staring in dull incomprehension for some time, with occasional muttered interjections of “the hell?” and “but WHY?” and so forth, I bought it and took it home. Really, how could you not?

When first opened, the bar looked pretty much like your run-of-the-mill fancy-pants chocolate bar; no sign of eight-for-a-dollar pasta in evidence. Ah, but when I snapped off a piece, the mysterious amendment was revealed! It appeared to be in the same pre-fried but uncooked form that comes straight from the bag, with which starving students everywhere are intimately familiar.

There was nothing left to do but try it. *nosh*

The ramen noodles in this chocolate are pretty few and far between, offering more texture than taste; the texture itself is something akin to soft nuts or cornflakes. The shape, size and markings on the bar strongly suggest that Komforte is made and/or owned by the same outfit that makes Seattle Chocolates.

The quality of the chocolate itself is pretty good. It’s good enough that it could stand on its own without playing up the quirk factor (Komforte’s other offbeat chocolate bar flavors include French Toast and Tortilla Lime + Salt), but then they probably wouldn’t be able to command premium prices for these chocolate bars. I’ll probably try the others just to see what they’re like, but I suspect the novelty factor wears off pretty quickly — and then all you have left to market is an overpriced chocolate bar.

(This review was originally published in slightly modified form at the author’s blog, Confessions of a Laundry Faerie.)

OthaTekamah, NE

A little nostalgia and a little treat

I have no idea who had the idea to mix ramen noodles in chocolate, but it was a brilliant one. The chocolate is perfect and the ramen is not overwhelming, just a hint of crunchy running through the bar. I bought these as stocking stuffers for my kids, but wound up adding a few to my own stocking because they were delicious.
JedMilwaukee, WI


At first i was kinda shifty about trying this, but it rocks in taste! It is pretty much dried ramen in chocolate! Great!
AugustineArmstrong, TX