Kona Hawaiian Gold Kona Coffee, Gourmet Blend Ground Coffee, 10-Ounce

Hawaiian gold Kona blend ground coffee comes in a 1 ounce pack. The parry estate, Kona gold coffee plantation, encompasses 900 rain blessed acres. Sustainable agriculture practices implementing agricultural systems which minimize the impact on the environment, while preserving the cultural and social conditions of its workers. Family owned and operated business for over 25 years. Direct multinational importer of single estate coffees. Affiliated plantations located in Africa, central and south America. Owns and operates state of art roasting facility in palm beach county, Florida. Small batch roasting utilizing Italian roaster and German packaging equipment. Total vertical tegration farmer, processor, roaster and importer. Largest sustainable coffee plantation in the USA. Owns and operates wet milling and dry milling processing facilities. Total quality control Kona’s rich volcanic soil to your cup. Brand owner directs all marketing, distribution and sales. Award winning packaging ten color 200 percent ink coverage roto gravier printed in Asia. Decaffeinating process European Swiss water versus competitors harsh chemicals.

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Not bad

This coffee is okay, not great, but not bad either. It’s smooth, not bitter, but doesn’t really have any Kona flavor. To me it just tastes like a good quality generic coffee, which for the price is okay by me.

I have since moved on to 100% Kona that I buy direct from a farmer in Hawaii. Smith Farms has some of the most affordable 100% Kona, and it’s very tasty! I suggest giving them a try. You can’t buy it on Amazon, but it’s worth doing a little Googling to find them. Shipping is cheap when you buy 2 pounds.

So if you just want some decent coffee for not a lot of money, this coffee will do. If you want to try some 100% Kona, give Smith Farms a try.

Hope this helps!

IsaacBrookhaven, PA

Excellent, mild flavor, smooth tasting coffee

I used to purchase this coffee blend at BJ’s Wholesale when I lived outside of Boston. Hadn’t found it locally when I moved away, then discovered I could get it through Amazon. Hurray! So mild & mellow, just enough hint of Kona to make it worthwhile. Compared to supermarket coffee this is miles ahead in smoothness. Caveat: I spent a year in Hawai’i & had real, 100% Kona coffee, which this product makes no pretensions at being. But for the price, you wouldn’t have expected 100% Kona, would you? I’m just pleased as punch that I can keep my coffee jar stocked without breaking the bank or resorting to bitter-tasting supermarket coffee.
AnderaHowe, IN

Almost as good as being in Kona

After falling in love with Kona coffee while in Hawaii we tried finding some back on the East Coast that wouldn’t break our wallets like the 100% Kona would. This is a great blend at a much more reasonable price. We taste tested it against our traditional brews at home like Dunkin & Folgers and this blend won by a mile. Full bodied, not bitter. A good deal.
ThereseWilliamstown, NJ


This coffee is barely palatable especially if you like 100% Hawaiian coffee. It does not give the percentage of Kona it has in it, but to be a blend it only has to be 10% (I’m not positive though), this coffee in my opinion is not any better than a low end supermarket coffee.
AlisonBoalsburg, PA