KONG Real Peanut Butter Dog Treat, 5-ounces

All dogs love the taste of fresh roasted peanut butter. For years, millions of KONG toy users have preferred peanut butter as their filling of choice. KONG is now pleased to offer KONG Real Peanut Butter. Our preservative free, human-grade peanut butter is packaged in a no mess, easy-squeeze tube with long nozzle. Its now easier than ever to fill your KONG toy with real peanut butter. KONG Real Peanut Butter is also perfect as a training treat straight from the nozzle a little dollop is all you need. No refrigeration required. Your dog will love you for it.

Quick facts

  • KONG Real Peanut Butter uses a formula that is virtually identical to peanut butter brands commonly found on grocery store shelves
  • All natural ingredients include roasted peanuts, sugar, hydrogenated vegetable oil to prevent separation and salt
  • contains zero trans fat per serving
  • Recommended for use with all KONG Classic and KONG Extreme dog toys
  • Simply insert the filling nozzle into the large hole of the KONG toy and squeeze
  • Made in the USA

Top reviews

A bit silly…

I’ve tried this out, and honestly it’s far more cost effective to pick up some organic (or heck, even regular) peanut butter from the grocery.

I find filling the toys up with the peanut butter & freezing them for 10-15 minutes is an ideal way to keep the fur babies busy.

HarlandSherman, IL

Impossible to get out

We bought this just to try it out, and ended up throwing it away after attempting to use it once. This stuff is impossible to squeeze out, and the only reason we were finally able to get anything out of it was because we cut part of the bottom off and squeezed out out of there instead. Pointless. Go with the original stuff in a can, or just get natural peanut butter and use a knife to put it in the kong (thats what we use).
JamilaArtie, WV

a little consistency please?

i own two labs and a golden retriever and they all go nuts for this stuff (no pun intended). i, on the other hand, had have a couple issues with it. knead the tube all you want, this stuff still comes out too watery to stay inside the kong toy. i tried refrigerating it to thicken some and it got too stiff to come out of the tube. eventually i gave up the fight and resorted to cutting open the tube and using a butter knife to spread it inside the toy. meh, it still works for the dogs but i think in the future ill just buy a tub of peanut butter for them.
SherryMillport, AL

No mess

My dogs love it and it is so easy to put in their kongs and or whatever. Easy to use and no mess and my babies love love love it:):)
CrystleWarren, TX

Smells good

It smells like our peanut butter jam just that it’s more watery. I used a little inside the kong toy and Dasher loves it. It keeps him occupied for a good 30 minutes
EstellBelvue, KS

Dog goes crazy for it!

I occasionally use this in her Kong – but unless I do it before hand and freeze it, it gets messy. What I frequently use it for is training – instead of giving little training treats that you have to hold, I squeeze a little paste into her mouth. She goes nuts for it so it works great and not messy at all and I don’t have to juggle a bag or treats.
FlorrieColumbia Falls, ME

More economical than the one in the Cans

So I’ve used the stuff in the can and I thought of trying this as I determined it was more economical when I bought it on Amazon. It’s a good product, great for squeezing peanut butter in Kongs, though if you are trying to squirt it all the way to the other end of the Kong, this probably won’t do the trick. It’s not as easy to use as the squirt can version. And yes, I know that just using peanut butter out of a jar would be cheaper, but this is so much faster and easier, and has a more viscous consistency the squeezes well so I can get it into the cracks between the dog treats stuffed in the Kong.
RobtPenrose, CO

Kong Real Peanut butter

The product came in good condition. My dog loves this stuff. It lasts longer when we put a small amount in a Kong and freeze it overnight.
LucillaSaint Albans, ME

My yorkie goes nuts for it

My yorkie is crazy about this peanut butter. We fill his Kong toy up every time we need to leave him in the kitchen and he scarfs it down… The packaging is sturdy, it stays clean and is easy to squeeze out. Great product
HarmonyBlack Rock, AR

Peanut butter for dogs

Good item, conveniently packaged for regular use. Me, I’d rather save a few $$ and use a butter knife in the Skippy jar. The pups don’t seem to mind.
KenyettaHickam Afb, HI

Kong Peanut Butter Dog treat

My dog loved this “peanut butter” treat, but I put too much inside her Kong toy and it made her vomit. Just use a tiny amount until you see how your dog’s tummy tolerates it.
DeneseColonial Beach, VA

the idea is good… but pricey

The idea is good, but wow is it expensive. I got mine in a Kong gift pack. If you knead the pb well and cut the tip at the slanted line (not the straight line at the end of the tip), it comes out pretty well, but a jar of peanut butter and a butter knife will work just as well – honestly, I think the knife works better. A 16-oz jar of peanut butter will cost you less than half what this 5-oz tube will, so if you’re into pricey convenience, this is the product for you. If you don’t mind washing off a knife, get a jar of pb and save the cash. Or even better, get some freshly ground pb and avoid the sugar and salt! I guarantee your dog doesn’t need the additives.
MyNazareth, PA