KONG Stuff’N Snacks, Senior, 7-Ounce, Small

KONG Snacks are made with high-quality natural ingredients. These tantalizing treats can be used anytime, but are specially shaped and sized to fit your dog’s KONG toy. Stuff’N Senior Snacks are low fat, easily digestible treats formulated for senior dogs.

Quick facts

  • Low fat
  • Easily digestible
  • Made with all-natural chicken and liver
  • Made in the USA
  • Designed for stuffing inside small sized KONGs

Top reviews


AFter reading the only review for this product, I accidentally purchased these thinking it was the actual toy. These are simply the treats made for the toy, not the toy itself. My dog seemed to like them but theres nothing exceptional about them that makes up for the price.
LudieForbes, ND

Dog Chew Toys

My dogs loved theswe toys! Even my older dog who never plays with toys used this and kept at it to get the treat out of it! They even fought over each other’s Kongs and traded for awhile! A big Christmas success!Dog Toy
RoseliaMars Hill, NC