Kookaburra Licorice Red


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The licorice was great and if the ordering systems gets worked i might consider ordering again
LurleneSigurd, UT

A Christmas Tradition

Absolutely the best! Well worth the price, the flavor is rich and true. I buy all four bags for someone on my gift list every Christmas. He likes them so much that he at first pretends the box is empty, so he can take his time about sharing.
RaulSaint Thomas, MO

Best red licorice ever!

This licorice is really good! It’s soft, chewy and has a great fruity flavor – I absolutely love it! The pieces are more substantial than those little Nibs you may be used to and the texture is so much better. You won’t end up with licorice stuck to your teeth and you won’t have to hurt your jaw trying to chew it. And did I mention the great flavor? I just happened to pick up a package at my local grocery store to see what it was like. I’ll definitely buy more!
LeiaPrinceton, OR

not bad.

ordered this for a gift, mostly. ordered four bags. ate one and sent the other three as a gift. this candy is very tasty and good sized pieces. does stick to your teeth a bit, but overall i would give it a thumbs up.
TammiBeatty, NV

best on here. cant put tge bag down its so good

First product was not so good. Tried this one and love it. Priced fair and tastes excellent. Only problem im having is honestly once I start eating it I cant put it away. I’ve ate an entire bag at one time. It never made me sick but im sure not a good idea. You’ll live this stuff it’s one of those over the top good things
ConchaSpeedwell, VA

Nothing beats Kookaburra on a fishing trip!

A good trout fishing trip starts with a couple of bags of Kookaburra…red for the ride and black for on the river! Tight lines.
LeshaShawano, WI

excellent. speedy and delicious

This is my daughter’s favorite. I ordered her a large box and had it shipped to her at college. She was delighted.
RosendoWilcox, PA

Blows Twizzlers Away – Worth every penny!!!

Worth every penny and more!!! You’ll never eat Twizzlers or Swedish Fish again. Too bad the serving size is so small – 4 pieces – then again, that’ll make the bag last more than a week!!! Buy-buy-buy.
MyrtleSwepsonville, NC