Kool-Aid Lemonade Unsweetened Soft Drink Mix, 0.23-Ounce Packets

Kool-Aid Lemonade Unsweetened Soft Drink Mix is a delicious caffeine free lemonade mix. It is also a good source of vitamin C. Each sachet can make two quarts of drink.

Quick facts

  • Pack of ninety six, 0.23-ounce per unit (total of 22.08 ounces)
  • A delicious caffeine free lemonade mix
  • A good source of vitamin C
  • Each sachet can make two quarts of drink

Top reviews


Got this do to reviewers saying it cleans out the dishwasher… nope. Do not believe it! Maybe OK for drinking (didn’t try it…), but to clean your dishwasher? No way!
TonieWalnut Grove, CA

Very good.

My gf and I did a taste test of this, Kool-Aid Twists Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade Unsweetened Soft Drink Mix (Kool-Aid Twists Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade Unsweetened Soft Drink Mix, 0.22-Ounce Packets (Pack of 96)), and Minute Maid 15 cal/cup Lemonade that we buy at the store.

We did not like this at all at first. We liked the Kool-Aid Twists Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade much better. Even better than both, the Minute Maid was much better by far.

We use the Splenda packets so there are hardly any calories (Splenda has 3.5 calories per packet but it can be labeled as 0 calories since it is under 5). Splenda tastes just like sugar with no bad aftertaste. We have changed to using slightly less than 8 cups of water to make the taste richer. We have also increased the Splenda to 12 packets to make it sweeter.

Addendum: After many taste tests now, I am increasing the rating to a 4. The problem was that this flavor really needs more sweetener. We increased the Splenda to 1 cup.

MariGroton, MA

unsweetened Kool-Aid

I mix the powder in with sugar in a jar. I put a little of the mixture in water, and enjoy drinking it throughout the day. (sometimes I have a hard time drinking plain water.
TobiasBox Elder, SD

Great product, average cost

Kool-Aid seems to be the only brand of unsweetened soft drink mix. I prefer this kind of product because I want to choose what sweetener (white/brown sugar, Splenda, honey, etc.) I’d use and the amount of sweetness. Plus, there are some drinks that are too sweet, so I love the option to tone down the sweet, increase the tart.

My only complaint is the price ($0.23/packet). Although I’ve seen a packet up to $0.35 in local stores, during many sales a packet goes for $0.10. Generally, I’d expect when buying in bulk like this, there’d be a better discount.

I guess when there’s no competition, there’s no motivation to offer better discounts. Five stars for the product, 1 star for the price = 3 stars.

WoodrowLong Beach, MS