Kool-Aid Twists Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade Unsweetened Soft Drink Mix, 0.22-Ounce Packets

Kool-aid twists ice blue raspberry lemonade unsweetened soft drink mix, 0.22-ounce envelopes (pack of 96) is an artificial flavored drink made by adding water. Makes 8 quarts. Caffeine free. Good source of Vitamin C

Quick facts

  • Pack of ninety six, 0.22-ounce envelopes (total of 21.12-ounces)
  • An artificial flavored drink
  • Caffeine free and a good source of Vitamin C

Top reviews

Great berry flavor if you want a blue colored drink.

My gf and I did a taste test of this and Kool-Aid Twists Blastin’ Berry Cherry Unsweetened Soft Drink Mix (Kool-Aid Twists Blastin’ Berry Cherry Unsweetened Soft Drink Mix, 0.17-Ounce Packets (Pack of 96)).

We found it hard to taste much difference in flavor. They are both good. The choice seems to be whether you want a red or blue color. We prefer red. My personal favorite is Black Cherry.

We use the Splenda packets so there are hardly any calories (Splenda has 3.5 calories per packet but it can be labeled as 0 calories since it is under 5). Splenda tastes just like sugar with no bad aftertaste. We have changed to using slightly less than 8 cups of water to make the taste richer. We have also increased the Splenda to 12 packets to make it sweeter.

Addendum: I decided to decrease my rating to a 4 since I prefer the flavor and color of Black Cherry.

AlexaBuffalo, WV

Love the Kool Aid

Ice Blue raspberry Kool Aid is the best flavor ever. Hard to find in stores but ordered it on the internet and it was delivered in no time with a supply that will last a year at least!!!!!!!!! It rules!
LeeannaOvid, NY

Best Kool-Aid EVER

This is the best Kool-Aid ever made. Of course the company discontinued making it…but luckily I found it here on Amazon, for a fantastic price! Now at least I’ve got some for awhile…thanks!
TuyetSaint Michaels, MD

The Best Blue Kool-Aid

This is the Berry Blue Koolaid I drank as a kid in the late eighties. I remember the marketing blitz for it back then, I drank it a lot in the summer! The “Berry Blue” Kool-Aid out now is not the same ancient formula–this “Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade” is. I know, I can taste this variety of Kool-Aid by just thinking about it. The blue color looks amazing in a glass pitcher–seemingly nuclear in origin! Delicious smooth lemonade type flavor without the sourness or bite. Unsweetened, so you can add your own sweetener.
LuannaCentre, AL

Best. Kool-aid. Ever.

I consumed a great deal of this in High School but have missed it the last few years as it has been removed from my local grocery store. I convinced my wife to let me buy this bulk amount and I am thrilled. Little note will be paid to these reviews but still I must say, you need to try this.
FlorettaTerreton, ID


I found this at my local Safeway and its awesome
It’s like ice tea and blue raspberry mixed I don’t see why they discounted it
JaneStryker, MT

Love this stuff!

This is the only Kool-Aid flavor I can drink on a regular basis. The color is very appetizing to me, and it has a lot of flavor. I tried it a few months ago when it was advertised as a new flavor in my store. I bought it regularly, but it suddenly disappeared. None of the stores near me carry it. I really don’t understand why, it always sold out quickly.
CherriePattersonville, NY

Greatest flavor ever

The item was shipped on time and came with TWO CASES OF BLUE! I love this stuff, my girlfriend loves this stuff, I’m down! There is so much here I wonder how we might ever run out. 100% satisfied, will buy again when I run out.
TakakoWest Chesterfield, NH

Perfect Value! Best Flavor

This is my favorite flavor of Kool-Aid, hands down. The flavor is a refreshing raspberry lemonade that is quite addictive and a perfect mix of sweet and sour. This pack comes with 96 individual Kool-Aid packets, which will last you for a great while by normal standards. I use this, in particular, at college for a quick drink for friends at dinnertime, and, really, it never gets old!
LacyLa Grange, AR

Kool Aid

Kool-Aid Twists Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade is hard to find where I live. Shipping was fast…and product was in excellent condition!
JoanaWittman, MD

Our Favorite Flavor Kool-Aid

My entire family enjoys this flavor. The color reminds me of a tropical ocean, very summertime appropriate. Of course, I make it with Splenda rather than sugar, all the taste but none of the cavities/calories. The company still makes this kind but it is hard to find. I’ve found that smaller stores carry it more often than larger retailers. Thanks to Amazon, I don’t have to go crazy searching though.
CrystleTallapoosa, GA

Blissful Twists

I first purchased this flavor at a local grocery store and made it for my daughter during a hot summer day. Little did I know I would like it too. It has a great flavor and I make mine with far less sugar than it calls for. It is a nice cool treat for the kids and adults. It is also an economic choice. Since I can no longer find this flavor in the grocery store, I am here at Amazon stocking up for the long hot summer to come.
ArnoldoEvansville, IN