Kopiko Cappuccino Coffee Candy 36 Pcs Bag

36 individually wrapped pieces of candy from the Thailand.

Quick facts

  • Thailand
  • Highest Quality
  • Real Extracts
  • Fresh Flavor
  • Lively Flavor

Top reviews

Very addictive coffee candy

This candy comes very close in taste to a real cup of double latte, though a tad sweeter. This does contain caffeine, so its not a decaf alternative to coffee, and its definitely not recommended for kids.

1. Great tasting coffee candy; a good caffeine fix
2. Hard toffee, so it lasts a long time
3. 20 calories per toffee, which is not too bad
4. Individually wrapped pieces

1. All the cons of regular coffee; overuse can cause headaches, dehydration, digestive dependence, restlessness, sleep disruption, stained teeth, bad breath and caffeine crashes
2. Very hard, brittle candy that is sometimes broken with sharp edges; I’ve hurt my tongue on occasion
3. A little sweeter than I’d like

I ordered a 20-pack from Asian’s Best through Amazon. Great value at roughly 2 bucks a bag including shipping.

CarlynFrankfort, KY

Kopiko Candy

This candy is so good and addicting. I bought mine in Poland. I’m checking out buying it now. First page says 36 pieces in bag. When I go further into ordering it – It says 25 pieces per bag! Why the discrepancy?
StewartMadison, SD

Kopiko Cappuccino Candy

I ordered the Kopiko because I had been given some at a Thai Restaurant and really liked it. I ordered the candy from Amazon.com. When I got the candy and was surprised to find that it originated in the Orient. I received the candy early to the delivery date and it is just as I have ordered. The candy is definitely based on coffee and tastes like a cup of Cappoccino, Bustello or Cuban Coffee. This buisness shows a great care and responsibility to it’s customers’ needs. They are an excellent supplier of the Kopiko Expresso and Cappucino Candies. Order more than you think you will need, they go fast. Kopiko Coffee Cappuccino Candy, 4.23 oz and Kopiko Coffee Candy, 5.29 oz
TraceyLake Ann, MI

Delicious candy

I rarely like hard candy. However this candy is very special. It tastes just like cappuccino. All my friends really like this candy with great taste.
CassyPike, NY

I know this candy is delicious so I bought some, but…

I’m a bit confused. Are there 25 pieces or 36? I am going to buy anyways, but a little clarification would be appreciated!

Either way, the cappuccino candies are so gooood 🙂

TambraKelton, PA

First time having kopiko

At less than 2.00 at my local asian market they are worth it. very tasty and they are addicting. i enjoyed them. ate 4 pieces in less than an hour….
SheryllAdams, TN

Taste is very good, price not so much

The taste of this coffee candy is terrific – not too sweet, not too strong, just perfect.
The amount you get in 25 candies. Each candy is the size of 2-3 nickels stacked on top of each other.
If you consider the price of the item price plus shipping, it works out to be pretty expensive per candy.

Since I liked the taste very much, Kopiko candy inspired me to investigate other Asian Coffee Candies. If you like Kopiko I recommend that you also try Bali’s Best Coffee Candy, 5.3-Ounce Bags (Pack of 12).
Bali’s Best Coffee Candy, 5.3-Ounce Bags (Pack of 12) Both are fine candy, but Bali’s Best is a much better deal. See my review of Bali’s Best Coffee Candy for details.

HoaRosman, NC


I actually bought a bag of these for my mother-in-law…..she loved them! She ate the whole bag in short order! I ordered her another bag (from same supplier here) just a few days after she’d received the first bag. She loved these!!
KaronTaswell, IN