Koppers Chocolate Savouries, Cayenne, 5-Pound Bag

Small discs of of pure chocolate blended with hot cayenne pepper spice. Made from all nutritions facts as protein, vitamin, calcium and iron. Vitamin A 2 percent, Calcium 4 Percent and Iron 8 Percent. Right in the heart of New York City’s vibrant Greenwich Village. Koppers is also renowned for its incredible liquid-center cordials as it is for inventing Chocolate-Covered Gummi Bears and over 300 uniquely delicious chocolate. We continue to create the new classics of the future each day in our candy kitchens. We are always coming up with exciting new packaging for stunning countertop displays and beautiful gift baskets.

Quick facts

  • Every piece is a work of Art
  • Most Kopper’s items are manufactured under strict Kosher supervision

Top reviews

Beware — addictive! Can’t put them down!

These have quite a bite, and are quite simply the best chili chocolate I’ve ever tried. Smooth, creamy and HOT! Extra points for having no flakes or pieces of pepper to take you by surprise. If you like smooth, chocolatey and HOT, you will love these.
LinneaFredericksburg, PA