Koppers Rum Raisin, Dark Chocolate, 5-Pound Bag

Select giant raisins double in semisweet chocolate with a touch of rum flavor. A chocolate covered caramel that is truly gourmet. Special gourmet caramels, from classic to the most exotic flavors, are smothered in incomparable specially blended chocolate. Right in the heart of New York City’s vibrant Greenwich Village.

Quick facts

  • Every piece is a work of Art
  • Most Kopper’s items are manufactured under strict Kosher supervision

Top reviews

really gross

these raisins are drowned in dark chocolate. I cant even taste them. I love dark chocolate but the kind they used tastes like chalk. Becareful, there is no return. So I’m stuck with 5 lbs of chalky dark chocolate :/
HanneloreShort Creek, OH