Kraepelien & Holm Buttons Salt Licorice, 2.2-Pound Bags

Our licorice factory dates back to 1876 with a very rich tradition in the production of licorice. It is known for its extensive assortment of licorices, its traditional pieces that have been around for decades. The Farm Salt licorice is one of those traditional pieces. When the Dutch consumers see this product in the store, they immediately know what to expect: a rather salt piece that is firm in texture. Please know what you are purchasing. If you are not familiar with salt licorice, we recommend with our Money (Coins) licorice.

Quick facts

  • Made in Holland
  • Rather salty
  • Firm texture

Top reviews


I love good black licorice. I love salted dark chocolate caramels. I thought salted black licorice, what a great idea. It might be the rankest candy I have ever tasted. It must be what putting formaldahyde in your mouth would taste like. Then I had to throw it away as you cannot return food items via amazon. You should have smaller sample packs for first time users!
ShelaOpheim, IL

good licorice

this is good licorice, I recommend them. Note that they are not for your typical US tastebuds (mix of black licorice and salt)
GalenSolebury, PA