Kraepelien & Holm Licorice Cats, 2.2-Pound Bags

Our licorice factory dates back to 1876 with a very rich tradition in the production of licorice. It is known for its extensive assortment of licorices, its traditional pieces that have been around for decades. The Licorice Cats are definitely one of those traditional pieces. When the Dutch consumers see this product in the store, they know what to expect: The licorice is sweet with a firm texture. This is a very popular licorice and many consumers appreciate this licorice for what it is….. sweet and firm.

Quick facts

  • Made in Holland
  • Sweet
  • Firm texture

Top reviews

Lucky when they cross your path….

These are great. I’ve been on a hunt for good strong licorice since a brand that I used to get stopped distribution (and I can’t even find it on the web, so perhaps the company went under.) These are that, and fill the void that the common USA licorice products just don’t touch. Obviously no good if you don’t like black licorice. Possibly not good (and you should find the smaller amount of 12 individual packages under a different brand name, which do seem to be the same thing, if you just want to try it) if you are quite happy with black gumdrops, jellybeans and molasses-choked strips, strings chews and laces.

They are firm, and they are not salted (both fine with me, just to classify them in the realm of licorice.) They taste of licorice, not molasses.

I have them on auto-order.

LorineWestlake, LA

Real licorice!

These have become a staple for me. If you like “real licorice” vs the sugary product sold in the grocery stores, this is for you.
AzucenaChester, VT

Great flavor but the texture of rocks

Ouch. These things are like eating stones. The flavor is good but they are closer to a hardball in texture than to any licorice I’ve had here or in Europe. I think these were left on the loading dock too long.
PetronilaBaldwin, ND

An addictive candy

What can you say about a product that is delicious, addictive and reasonably priced. Well, Krapelien & Holm did not steer us wrong with the Licorice cats. They are like no other ones you can buy in Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods or specialty candy shops. This product is wonderful, tasty and addictive. If you like cats and licorice, you will love this product. You will not find a better price or quality anywhere else.
NovellaBeacon, NY

these are so good

worth getting… i love these. came quickly and were in two nice heavy plastic bags. Its a lot of them but makes it way cheaper buying them in the amount
LoreenElgin, OR

Love Them!

This licorice is neither sweet or salty. It’s perfect in my book. I grew up on this type of licorice, as my Mother is from Holland. The salty type was always used for a sore throat. It’s very good licorice. I would buy this product again.
DonitaGrissom Arb, IN


Great flavor.Great price. I’ve been looking for licorice with this flavor for some time.
Glad I finally found them. They are almost a hard candy that lasts longer than the chewy, so I tend to eat less of them, which is good. I still get that wonderful flavor.
TishThomasville, NC