Kraft Home Style Deluxe, Old World Italian, 12.6-Ounce Pouches

Kraft Homestyle Deluxe Macaroni and Cheese Old World Italian

Quick facts

  • Taste of rich & creamy kraft cheese sauce

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Buyer beware!

Be aware that Kraft changed the recipe for this “new” mac and cheese! What used to be called the “Old World Italian” flavor, which came with a bread crumb topping, has been replaced with a creamy alfredo cheese sauce (with no crumb topping option). The picture which appears above is the older version; however, if you purchase this item, you will receive the new, updated “formula”. I made the mistake of purchasing this thinking it was the old kind and it wasn’t. (As a side note, you can’t typically return grocery items!)
JeremiahSaint Marys, GA

Switcheroo! Not sooo happy!

The Old World Italian had a bread crumb topping…tasted SOOOO much better
now just average at best…donated most of my “buy” to charity…back to
“scratch” mac-n-cheese…more time but better taste. So much for
short cuts and saving a little time.
DovieFiler City, MI


This is wonderful for casseroles, add diced cooked chicken and brocolli and it makes dinner. SOO sorry you no longer have this on auto ship as it’s hard to get in my area.
EdytheBeaver Springs, PA