Krusteaz Fat Free Cranberry Orange Supreme Muffin Mix, 16-Ounce Boxes

Skip the fat and pile on the flavor. The sweetness of real cranberries is paired with a touch of tangy orange zest for an explosion of fruit-filled goodness that’s a real crowd-pleaser. About Krusteaz: The Krusteaz story began in 1932 when a group of women from a Seattle bridge club created a just-add-water pie crust that was an industry first. Today, Krusteaz remains a family-owned business that stands for innovative products, premium ingredients and easy-to-make mixes to fit every occasion. The product line includes pancakes, waffles, muffins and quick breads, cookies, dessert bars, cornbread, crumb cakes and more. Every box invites consumers to “Seize the What If…” and have fun in the kitchen, get a little messy, fuel their creativity and enjoy the possibilities Krusteaz mixes bring to the table.

Quick facts

  • Pack of 12, 16-ounce boxes of cranberry orange muffin mix (total 192 ounces)
  • Includes a can of cranberries paired with tangy orange zest
  • Fat free
  • Moist and delicious
  • Easy to make

Top reviews

GREAT for fat free

I was surprised at how good these muffins were since they are fat free. They were a little more moist (cakey) than I like muffins but still delicous. I would definetly recommend adding some walnuts. I tried to bake it in a bunt pan and it came out a bit small, use 2 boxes for a full size bunt cake. For special occation, you could make a simple orange glaze to drizzle on top. 🙂
YasminSilver City, NM

Fantastic product!!!!

High quality, tasty muffins with moist cranberries. I grated some orange rind and added it to the batter because I like the extra flavour. You only have to add one cup of water…no eggs, milk or oil. So easy and so good.
DelanaMontrose, NY

tasty little treat…

and so easy to make! All you need is a cup of water, the box contains the dry muffin mix and a can of cranberries with orange peel (just drain and add to the mix). The baking directions says one box makes one loaf (8.5×4.5×2.5), 24 mini muffins, or 11 regular size, but I make the 12th one and they are just a smidge smaller. I spray the muffin tins rather than use baking cups (the box says you can do either) because with the papers too much of the muffin sticks and it just got wasted. Now I can savor every little crumb. They are a delicious breakfast or even a mid-afternoon snack to hold you until dinner. They make the kitchen smell really good too!
ElijahMarathon, IA

Just Add Water for Great-Tasting, Surprisingly-Filling Muffins

All of the Krusteaz muffin mixes are good, but the KRUSTEAZ CRANBERRY ORANGE MUFFIN MIX may be the best of all. Why? Because the muffins taste great, even though the only thing you need to add is one cup of water. The muffins take just 16-18 minutes to bake, at 400 degrees Fahrenheit. For nonfat muffins, they are surprisingly filling.

If you want something fancier, the box has a recipe for “Sweet Apricot Coffee Cake” that adds apricot preserves, brown sugar, and cinnamon. However, I think that the basic cranberry-orange muffins don’t require anything extra.

Another Krusteaz muffin mix that I really like is the Krusteaz Banana Nut Muffin Mix, 17.1-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 12). But the Banana Nut muffins require three eggs, in addition to the mix; and of course they aren’t nonfat muffins. I purchased my Krusteaz Cranberry Orange Muffin Mix (in a single-batch box) at a local chain grocery store.

CristinaHendersonville, TN

Super Easy to Make and Very Tasty

If you like cranberry muffins these are a great choice! It comes with a can of moist cranberries to mix in (rather than dehydrated berries). This definitely makes a big difference in the final result. I also love that you don’t need any eggs – very simple, fat free recipe.
MaryettaUsk, WA

Krusteaz Cranberry Orange Supreme Miffin Mix

This mix makes really tasty muffins; fast, and very easy! The quality of the final product surprised me, given that it is “fat free”. A nice alternative to typical muffin flavors, too.
LizaSchulenburg, TX

still yummy!

ive ordered these many times over, great to make when you’re about to have company, really quick to prepare, makes the house smell wonderful… oh and they taste great too!!
LeaShedd, OR

Finally something fat free that tastes good!

I have recently had to go on an extremely low fat diet for health reasons. I love veges so no problem there. I was an avid carnivore, so let’s not even talk about me having to give up meat. I may get so emotional I might not make it through this review. I have been trying so many fat free/low fat foods. Everything I have tried so far has tasted like crap! Most fat free foods have no flavor and they are just bland and gross. So I continue to search for recipes and packaged goods to enable me to have a diet full of fat free/low fat foods that I can really enjoy and are healthy for me.

One food that I am having trouble finding is flavorful baked goods. I tried baking from scratch some fat free cookies and muffins and they were just ok still dry, bland and flavorless. I will keep experimenting with baking and trying new fat free packaged foods until I find things I can live with. The search for a flavorful fat free breakfast led me to this muffin Krusteaz Cranberry Orange Supreme Muffin Mix, Fat Free, 17.5-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 12)

I saw these fat free muffins and thought I would give them a try. Man was I surprised! These tasted like real food, really good food. If someone had made these for me I would never have guessed that they were fat free. I am so glad I found something that actually tastes great. I have put these on the subscribe and save list and they will become my main breakfast food.

These muffins are also super easy to make. One cup of water is all you need to add. The box comes with a small can of cranberries that you fold into the batter. The cranberries are really good and tart. I made them using a muffin pan that was sprayed with cooking spray and another pan lined with muffin baking cups. The muffins stuck to the baking cups and wasted a lot of the muffin so I will just use the spray from now on. Easy to make, delicious and fat free. I would recommend these to anyone.

PerrySaint Thomas, MO

This is the best FAT FREE mix.

This is a really flavorful, moist, muffin mix. I like it better and it
is more moist when made in a bread loaf pan. I hope Krusteaz comes up with
more Fat Free mixes.
KatiCharleston, SC


Tasty and simple, everyone loves a bite, so make an ugly one you can justify trying out
AlyseMaple, WI