Krusteaz No Knead Hawaiian Sweet Artisan Bread Mix, 16-Ounce Boxes

This soft, moist and irresistibly sweet snack bread is also perfect to accompany any main course. About Krusteaz: The Krusteaz story began in 1932 when a group of women from a Seattle bridge club created a just-add-water pie crust that was an industry first. Today, Krusteaz remains a family-owned business that stands for innovative products, premium ingredients and easy-to-make mixes to fit every occasion. The product line includes pancakes, waffles, muffins and quick breads, cookies, dessert bars, cornbread, crumb cakes and more. Every box invites consumers to “Seize the What If…” and have fun in the kitchen, get a little messy, fuel their creativity and enjoy the possibilities Krusteaz mixes bring to the table.

Quick facts

  • Pack of 12, 16-ounce boxes of Hawaiian sweet bread mix (total 192 ounces)
  • No knead mix
  • Makes delicious French Toast
  • Homemade bread in less than 1 hour
  • Easy bread machine directions

Top reviews

old yeast

After baking 1 bread from the 12 boxes I noticed the date on the yeast is only good until April, 2 1/2 months away. No wonder the bread didn’t rise very well. I’ll be returning the rest. I called the company that makes this bread and they told me they didnt know it was being sold on Amazon. They have no control over how or where this product is being stored or if properly, so please don’t buy it from amazon.
MelitaLibuse, LA

Add Flour to the mix. See below

OK here is what the problem is. When I first made this mix it did not come out. It was very moist and did not rise. I blamed the yeast. I called the company to find out what was wrong with the mix. I was told to add 3 table spoons of flour. I did on the next box. Well that was the problem. The sweet mix has such a high moisture in the mix. It need that extra flour. Plus the bread came out nice and sweet and soft. I also baked it on light bread not Med.
AlexVenus, FL

not as good

I used to buy this at Walmart a couple years ago all the time. They quit having it. I finally found it here. I was VERY disappointed. The company that makes it has changed it. The texture of the bread is different. It is not a soft bread anymore. The taste is different, not as sweet. Taste is nothing like before. I do NOT recommend it and will not buy it any more.
SidneyGallina, NM


This bread is great tasting. You can use in the bread machine or make by hand. It is a little sticky so I usually add a little more flour. It is very moist.
RogelioCoker, AL


We couldn’t find our favorite bread machine bread in the stores anymore and was excited to find it on amazon. Very sweet and tasty. Perfect bread to make for company. Leftovers make good french toast.
RodFort Peck, MT

Wonderful Bread!

We love the Hawaiian Sweet Bread and when I found out they actually had a mix for it I could stop myself from getting it. The mix came out great, no problems with the yeast. I was really glad to have found this item.
LucileKnippa, TX

Super good!

I am buying this at Amazon because I cannot find it at my local WalMart any longer and am tired of chasing around for it. This is really great bread. Whenever they say Hawaiian Sweet Bread I always smile, because the Hawaiians “stole” this from the Portuguese when the Portuguese immigrated to Hawaii (same with the ukelele). Anyway, this bread is pretty close to the original. I always add a couple drops of yellow food coloring and a tablespoon more of sugar to this to make it come even closer. You can’t go wrong with this bread mix with or without my additions.
SilasSalisbury Mills, NY

OOOOoooooh!! …SO Sweet!

We waited over a year for this product to emerge on Amazon and made sure we were notified when it did. YUM!
We had it shipped all the way to Kauai were we USED to find it in the stores. Hot, light, fluffy Hawaiian sweet bread splashed with soft, sweet butter (or Smart Balance)… what a wonderfully delicious way to wake up in the morning. You can set the timer for your bread maker to finish just before you get up… Oooh-la-la! breakfast in bed…. ya know what I mean?
ZolaChloe, WV

My guests LOVE this bread!

I run a vacation rental business ([…]) and start the bread in time for the guests to arrive to the smell of fresh baked bread. They all LOVE the Sweet Hawaiian. I used to get it at Walmart, but they haven’t had it in months. Glad to find it here!
MariahNorwich, VT

Best bread mix ever! Sweet and delicious.

I didn’t order it from Amazon directly, but I get it at my local Wegmans, and it tastes great! Just put the three ingredients in the bread machine, walk away, and three hours later, taste the sweetness and lightness of the bread. Still my favorite bread mix. Hard to find! Make sure you use room temperature water, or else it will not rise correctly!
EldonEwing, MO

Hawaiian sweet bread

Didn’t care for the taste. Not what I expected. I had an aunt who grew up in maui who used to make sweet bread all the time. I expected something closer to Hawaiian sweet I buy at publix.
TamarColumbia, SD

Best Hawaiian Bread EVER!

This is the best Hawaiian Bread EVER!!! Just a hint of sweetness.. It is very easy to make in the bread machines. In a couple of hours fresh hot sweetness..I love this stuff.. I just wish one of our local grocery stores would carry it.. But Thanks to AMAZON I can still
RoccoOmega, GA

Great taste – needs some work to make right

I would give this five stars based on taste alone but I agree with some of the other reviews that the mix and directions out of the box need some tweaking to make it right. I am in Denver, so altitude can play into it (although the box says it won’t) and I find that I need to hold out a few tablespoons of water or add a bit of extra flour to get the right “look” to the bread ball. I also hold out a quarter teaspoon of yeast for proper rise. I have made two of the 12 boxes so far, using my Oster Expressbake bread machine, but hope to get to the point where I can set it up and forget about it and have great tasting, warm, bread for breakfast. I would also like to get a shipment of 3 or 6 boxes instead of 12, but since the expiration is more than a year out, it is a minor complaint (considering the free Amazon Prime shipping that is 😉
SalvatoreBowdon, ND

Bread Mix

We used to be able to buy this in our local Walmart, but cannot find it anywhere now.
We love this bread; however, the only thing
about our recent order was that 2 boxes didn’t
mix up right. Have no idea why out of the 12 boxes we ordered, (we have 1 left) 2 boxes were complete flops. Had to throw them out. Not sure if the yeast was bad or what.
I will try again, and hope that with the next order every box is good.
FidelaSunderland, MD

Great Bread Mix

This is a great buy, especially since my local stores can’t seem to keep more than one on the shelf.
MyrleFulton, KY