La Chinata Hot Smoked Paprika

La Chinata Smoked Paprika – Hot. The La Vera region of Spain produces a particularly high quality smoked paprika. Before grinding, the peppers are not dried by the sun, but instead by the traditional method of oak smoking, resulting in an unmistakably smoky taste. This Smoked Spanish Paprika is excellent for flavoring stews, sauces, paella, and meats. Product of Spain.

Quick facts

  • Smoky taste
  • Made in Spain
  • Hard to find as no longer available by the manufacturer

Top reviews

Perfectly Balanced Flavor

Neither the smoke flavor nor the heat overpower the underlying flavor of this paprika. It’s a perfect balance in my opinion. This paprika is great in barbeque rubs or just sprinkled on any food to pop the flavors and add a little extra character. Definitely a new favorite of mine.
AstridTrinway, OH

Absolutely outstanding stuff

I purchased this Paprika as part of my “fully authentic Paella” project recently. It went in the Paella right along with the rabbit, chicken and snails. The results were pretty sensational. I’ve tried this paprika in many other dishes since then, including a Sunny Anderson Mac-N-Cheese. Everywhere it goes, this paprika clearly outclasses it’s rivals. This paprika has some real punch.

I have a big kilogram jar of inferior paprika from an small mom & pop shop around the corner. I don’t know what I am going to do with that stuff now. It is flavorless and lifeless compared to the real thing. Don’t waste your life with the inferior stuff. Buy this instead.

MerilynPonca, NE

Hot Smoked Paprika

Amazing product. Really good smoke flavor and HOT! A little bit will definitely go a long way.
Looking forward to trying it in my next batch of chili.
The website listed on the can […] has links to recipes.
RoccoEquality, AL

Delicious, smoky, subtle, not too hot

As the description says, don’t be put off by the word “hot” in the name. It has a kick, but it’s a lot less hot than cayenne. I dipped a finger tip into it and put it on my tongue, felt a little heat rise slowly, then fade away slowly, leaving a nice sweet, rich smokiness on my palette that lingered for 10 more minutes or so, long after any trace of spiciness was gone.
The smoke flavor is fantastic- sweet, mild, pervasive. Just a small pinch in whatever you use it for is plenty for a subtle smokiness and a little kick, or you can use more if you really want smoke. Mix it into a spice rub, sprinkle it on any kind of food before you cook it, add a pinch to a salad dressing, make your own BBQ sauce or hot sauce, add it to eggs, use it in goulash, whatever. With few exceptions, I like to add just a little of any given dried spice to foods such that it adds complexity, if you search really hard you might pick it out, but unless you try or someone tells you, you wouldn’t know it’s there. This is a great product for that purpose, if used very sparingly. This is a very high quality spice, worth the money. It was produced by artisans, not hacks.
MarybethHurley, WI

Good stuff!

A little hotter than I expected. A little bit for both the ‘smokey’ flavor and heat goes a long way!
FredrickWheeler Army Airfield, HI

Buen sabor!

Hot Smoked Paprika from La Chinata is delicious. It gives chicken, fish, eggs, vegetables like broccoli, spinach, caulifower, etc.a smoky taste that is moderately hot, (hardly for me) not overpowering the flavors of the foods and the other spices. I discovered it at a home of a cousin who let me cook in her kitchen. She did not tell me anything about it. I tried it first with chicken that was lightly fried and cooked maily with salt and pepper. it enriched greatly the flavor of the chicken and everybody in my family loved it and asked what I had used.
HoytWest Bethel, ME