La Crema Coffee Banana Nut, 12-Ounce Packages

La Crema Coffee Banana Nut comes in a 12 ounce pack. It is a hazelnut, pecan background and banana flavoured coffee. Contains a delicious taste. comes with the foil packaging. La Crema Coffee company believe that our customers deserve the very best coffee. We start with freshly roasted to order 100 percent Arabica beans and finish all of our gift items with hand tied bows. La Crema is a micro roasting coffee bizz. You can take this freshest coffee from anywhere.

Quick facts

  • Banana flavor
  • Hazelnut and Pecan background
  • Foil package

Top reviews

Horrible coffee

This coffee tasted disgusting and a bit like licorice. I was very disappointed as I have had delicious banana nut coffees before. Shame it was a two pack. Waste of money!
AndreaSurveyor, WV

Nuttier than banana

This coffee is quite flavourful, but you can taste the nut flavour more than the banana. I found this a bit dissapointing. As well, I like my coffee weak, but find I need to add more than my usual amount to get the strength I like.
KenaLordsburg, NM