La Florentine Chocolate Covered Soft Torrone Bar with Hazelnuts, 5.3-Ounce Boxes

La Florentine Torrone Nougat Candy. Fresh toasted almonds, sugar and honey embraced by a whisper-thin wafer. This delectable treat was commissioned by a nobel Italian family in 1441 to commemorate the marriage of their daughter. Centuries later, Torrone has become a favorite of candy lovers worldwide; everyday people with aristocratic taste.

Quick facts

  • Soft almond nougat with a chocolate cover

Top reviews


purchased this item – thought it was a good value – turned out to be terrible. Chocolate covering was white and nougat was hard.
Not such a good value – threw it all out.
AaronMuddy, IL

Maybe its timing ?

I saw the one negative review here and because the price I was about to pay was exceptionally cheap(it was on some sort of special at the time), I decided to take a chance. I have to report that my experience was quite the opposite of the negative review I read. The order I recieved was fresh and the product is excellent. I love torrone and this is very good. My only criticism is simply that torrone itself is so good, coating it in chocolate, beleive it or not, only detracts from the enjoyment IMHO. If other varieties had been available at the sale price I paid, I’d likely have chosen the plainer or simpler variety over this one.

The only other point I’d like to make is that it is true that Amazon is notorious for sending out stale and near out of date grocery items. Old stuff seems to be especially true when it’s on one of their specials. The previous reviewer may well have recieved a bad shipment as they described. Whether it was luck or timing, the order I got was very good and it was exceptionally cheap.

RaneeHawthorne, CA