La Florentine Panettone 17.6 oz

Italian Specialty Cake. Naturally leaven oven-baked cake. Swee tcake with raisins.

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La Florentine panettone is the BEST !!!!!!

I’ve tried & had many different brands of panettone and don’t regard myself as a gourmet BUT…….both my wife & I agree that La Florentine is by far the best-flavored and richest tasting panettone on the market today. We’ve bought our panettones from italian dessert shops, big box stores, supermarkets, deli’s etc but nothing compares to the La Florentine that we found at the local Shopper’s food store (of all places) this past year. Right now, they’re clearing them out at $4.49 ea! I bought one today to keep in the freezer to have during 2008. You can bet that that next year, we will be buying La Florentine, no question about it !!!!!!!
HelenePort Alsworth, AK

Good but I’ve had better

The only detraction I found was dryness and not enough citron. The price we equal to the quality of the product. Yes i would by it again. I would use it for french toast.
TwilaSouth Fallsburg, NY